Recover Christmas

By Mercedes Honrubia. Director of the Coincidir Institute.

The Christmas, the streets are filled with lights, the carols flood the shopping centers, the squares, the houses, the people come out and only think about buying and buying, we get angry with the meals, the dinners of company and friends, and we .. We begin to notice a pinch in the stomach that makes us feel completely different from how we felt when we were children.

"What's happening to me?" We can ask ourselves. "Why does everyone seem happy with the one that is falling? Do we have to show joy when what I really feel is something else?" Let's think about what has happened to us this last year.

It is true that for years Christmas we could like it but, for a while now, with the amount of things that happen, that happen to us, we can not discover that ray of light (that star) that invited us to enjoy Christmas.

It seems that Christmas has lost its meaning, but it is we who have closed ourselves to see what is truly important, our truth. This society makes us think that the important thing is the gifts, the party, the lunches and dinners with family and friends, the decoration, etc., when we inside feel precisely the opposite.

How many older people, with family, with grandchildren, when these dates approach you says: "But if this year I was so happy at home eating fried eggs, tranquilito on my couch ..." Surely you have heard.

We are afraid to face our own, to receive a bad response from our mother-in-law, a brother-in-law, a brother, we are afraid of not being up to the circumstances, of not being able to buy the fashionable toy of the moment, when my brother-in-law not only buys one, but two or three fashionable gifts to his children. Everyone who thinks what their fear.

It is true that we live in a society of lies: compassionate lies, lies that are said for mercy, lies that for years have hidden and hide the truth, lies that do or have done us much harm * But if we think what is really important At this Christmas time, we can realize that He who is born (in a manger, naked, accompanied by his parents and a mule and an ox that gave him warmth) is born for you and me.

If you are going through a difficult time in your life, look at that Child and become like him, little one, open your heart, trust him and talk to him from person to person. Maybe it's a good time to tell you what's happening to you, to feel your company.

It is true that now nothing is the same, that for some things or for other Christmas you can get to produce sadness, melancholy, can bring out the loneliness of each one and the memories of the beloved people, but from time to time it is good to be child and enjoy the little things.
Perhaps, we can think that it is the only time of the year in which people do good things for others (that if the flea markets, the concerts, the celebrity parties, the Christmas wishes wishing peace and love, when our life is pure conflict *) but it is better that nothing, at least it is a break in the year.

What can we do to have a Christmas spirit? Have we really understood its meaning? Who does not soften the smile of a baby? Christmas, if we let ourselves, can cause that: give tenderness and affection, let us mental spider webs to give the best of us to our baby (Jesus), because a baby brings out the best in everyone; And if not, let us think of each one of us in a baby, in our baby, the one who has made us leave us to give him the best we had inside.

Mercedes Honrubia Director Institute Match

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