The benefits of restful sleep: the importance of sleeping well

Sleeping well is essential for the organism, it is one of the healthy life habits that we should not forget. Sleeping well is as important as eating a good diet or exercising, or drinking enough water. A restful sleep has physical and psychic benefits that contribute to our well-being and improve our quality of life. However, there are many people who do not sleep well, and this can have serious consequences for their health.

Sleep is a physiological function that fulfills important functions for our organism. Sleeping is essential since we have to fulfill those functions necessary for survival and well-being.

These are the benefits of restful sleep

A good rest provides important physical, cognitive and emotional benefits:

- While we sleep, the cells oxygenate and regenerate, Our skin rests and the appearance is healthier. When we do not sleep well, dark circles and other signs appear on the skin. *

- A proper sleep helps us maintain our proper weight. Sleeping little causes us to accumulate fats that are difficult to lose and increase our appetite. It is a defense mechanism, the body tries to maintain energy that does not get resting.

- Adequate sleep favors the prevention of diseases like hypertension and take care of our heart.

- While we sleep our brain works and order everything that has been processed during the day. The brain needs sleep to process information. Sleeping well favors memorization and learning.

- Sleeping well, allows us to be rested and it helps us to think clearly and be more agile in our cognitive and thinking tasks.

- A good rest is essential for emotional health. When we do not sleep we are irritable, we are more pessimistic and we tend to negative thoughts that affect our emotions. *

Why do not we sleep well?

Lack of sleep is an epidemic of current societies. Very few people get to sleep the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep for an adult. Insomnia or lack of sleep is an increasingly common problem, let's see its possible causes:

- The current pace of life and schedules, cause a lack of time to sleep.

- Stress and anxiety also affect our sleep.

- A lack of sleep hygiene. It is important to have a habit or routine of sleep, go to bed and get up at the same time, follow a relaxing routine before going to bed. Our body is guided by routines, if we maintain a habit to go to sleep, the body will gradually go into a state of rest as we approach the time to sleep. *

- Emotional problems and concerns that reveal us.

Consequences of not sleeping well

The lack of sleep can lead to a sleep disorder that affects our daily functioning and that can have important psychological, physical and emotional consequences.

- We are more tired and we do not give up during the day. So our performance suffers.

- We are more irritable and we can discuss more easily with our loved ones.

- Our mind has not rested and is not agile, we do not think clearly.

- All this can lead to serious psychological problems or disorders.

Tricks to sleep well

It is very important to sleep well, let's see some tricks to sleep well:

- Establishes adequate sleep hygiene. It's about creating a habit or routine to go to bed: we go to bed at the same time, we do relaxing activities before going to sleep as we read, a bath, at the end of the night we keep a dim light that tells our Brain which is the time to rest and allow you to prepare for it. *

- When you get in bed, your goal is to rest, do not push yourself to fall asleep. With that the opposite effect usually happens.

- Late in the afternoon avoid food or exciting drinks, with caffeine or sugars.

- Also avoid activities that generate tension, try to do relaxing activities.

- Use comfortable clothes and creates a comfortable environment, without noise, without light and with an adequate temperature.

- If you have trouble sleeping, practice some relaxation technique or meditation, they are usually of great help to eliminate the worries of the mind. *

- Maintain sleep hygiene during the day. Even if you have slept little during the night, avoid sleeping a lot during the day, since this only increases the problem, you will arrive at night rested and without sleep and you will not be able to sleep.

- If you see that lack of sleep affects your daily functioning and it can cause you problems in your work or in your relationships maybe you can consult with a specialist.

Celia Rodríguez Ruiz. Clinical health psychologist. Specialist in pedagogy and child and youth psychology. Director of Educa and Learn. Author of the collection Stimulate Reading and Writing Processes.

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