Why is it hard for us to make decisions?

Are you an indecisive person? Do you overwhelm your child with multiple options? Why is it hard for us to make decisions? What happens to us when we have to choose between many options? How does our brain respond? The truth is that we make multiple decisions on a daily basis, some of them in a very short time. On what does the ability to make decisions depend?

The typical situation of being in the supermarket and asking your son / daughter what yogurts you want, what kind of chocolate you buy, what you would like to have dinner ... apart from not leading to very healthy behavior habits, can create a great dissatisfaction in your child, when choosing a type of yogurt, underlining so many options ... it will make you feel bad for all you have rejected, without knowing finally which one you like.

And what happens when you go to the typical restaurant with an endless letter? Do not you often get the feeling that your neighbor chose better?

Multiple options complicates the ability to choose

Having more options is not synonymous with greater freedom, in many cases it increases frustration. Start reducing options and everything will be much simpler. Stay very attentive when you offer your child alternatives, especially when it comes to the type of food, leisure, clothing ... and everything related to consumption.

The psychologist Barry Schwartz brilliantly analyzes what happens to our brain when faced with multiple options when making decisions. The possible choices we can make at each moment of the day, and at each stage of our life, are endless. How many types of yogurts, mobiles and clothing models are there?

Having to choose between so many options on a daily basis is a form of information overload. Schwartz in his book, "The Paradox of Choice" explains our tendency to be less satisfied with our acquisitions as more alternatives exist.

What happens when we have to think about what to study? How many different studies are there? How many types of universities, training centers, business schools ...? How many forms of training?

When you choose to quit, it seems that in our modern society to increase our freedom, we have to have at our disposal an increasing number of options and possible choices in everything that surrounds us on a day to day basis.

The negative points of having to choose between so many options

1. Paralysis: today it is very difficult take decisions, to the point that you end up postponing them always for not knowing what to choose. A greater number of options does not release you precisely.

2. Opportunity cost: Whatever you choose, you will always be remembering the good parts of what you did not choose. In the end you are always dissatisfied thinking that maybe your choice was not the best, and you missed a good opportunity.

3. High expectations: you end up having disappointing experiences because of comparing your results and choices, with the previous high expectations that you had fruit of the infinite possibilities within your reach. In the end it is not as good as you expected, and I'm sure you did not have the perfect solution.

4. Blame yourself: how you had so many alternatives ... always ... always! you think maybe you could have chosen, executed or thought better! What you think is that the only culprit of such a bad choice is you, and not that so many options overwhelm anyone.

Educate to enjoy what you choose, the value of example is essential, reduce the variety of options and get a greater welfare, less is more.

Aleida Orviz. Director of Orientando en positivo

More information in the book The six most important decisions of your life, by Sean Covey.

Video: Tough decisions -- use your heart | Alison Meyer | TEDxBerkeley

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