Tips to buy intelligently on Black Friday

The Black Friday, the day in which purchases become the protagonists. Prices are lowered and several products are put at your fingertips. Good news for the family economy as you can even advance more weighty purchases such as Christmas, getting several gifts more cheaply.

But between this sea of offers, Really everything that is bought is necessary at home? Getting carried away by discounts is not difficult and it is even possible to spend more, away from the objective of this Black Friday: savings. Therefore, before purchasing a reduced item, it is better to take into account a series of details so that the family economy does not suffer. Advice that should also be reminded of young people, especially taking into account the acquisitions they can make through the internet.

Tips to buy

Between both the poster and the television advertisement announcing discounts and the rush of this day it is not difficult to get carried away and buy without checking. However, before going through the box, it is important to consider several details:

- How much discount does it exist? A discount is announced, but has it really been lowered before? To check it nothing better than the previous days to write down the prices of the desired products and when it is time to buy it, carry out a check to see if we are talking about a real reduction.

- Is it necessary? This is the first question someone has to ask, maybe something is wanted. But wanting it does not mean it's necessary. Perhaps the family economy must face other more important expenses and however low a product may be, do not get carried away.

- Very attentive to the ads. The television or a publicity pamphlet can warn of a discount that a priori is interesting, but it is necessary to attend to the fine print. Does it only apply to limited units, or is it up to the end of stock? To take advantage of it, you also have to buy another product? Does each franchisee have the possibility to apply adjustments?

- What are the discounted products? Sometimes the products that offer us in a recessed way are the defective ones, in this way some surfaces give exit to the articles with taras.

Online shopping

Not only physical stores celebrate Black Friday, many internet portals also offer discounts on this day. The same comparisons that in the aforementioned transactions have to be applied in these platforms, but we must also take into account a number of aspects such as those Organization of consumers and users, OCU:

- Install an updated security software to avoid third-party assaults that are aware of your data.

- Those who buy from the mobile have to remember to protect purchases by adding passwords that must allow applications in the settings section.

- It is always better to use a virtual card in which you enter the correct amount for the purchase or a PayPal account or the cash on delivery.

- The opinions of other buyers. A purchase online does not allow you to review the product in person, but we can get an idea thanks to the opinions of previous buyers.

- Know the guarantees of the web. What happens if the product does not arrive? Who is responsible for the surcharge? And if the item arrives defective? The buyer must have guarantees before making the transaction.

Dami√°n Montero

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