Ideas to face the extra expenses of Christmas

Christmas is a unique moment to enjoy as a family and live with children, but full of expenses. The family pocket starts to tremble when it comes to the gifts of the children and the rest of the family, and shopping, family reunions, lunches or dinners with friends and co-workers take place, trips to see the family or to ski ... what can we do?

Generally, the longed for Christmas arrives just when we have not yet recovered from the terrible September cost, we have just paid for books, tuition and school supplies, and many families do not know how they are going to cope with the extra expenses of the next few days.

To celebrate Christmas, regardless of our budget, the answer lies in the rapid microloans, which do not require complex endorsements or much paperwork. In addition, it is advisable to also think about the January cost, to decide if it is better to ask for the loan before or after Christmas.

Planning expenses is essential

Each case is different and each family situation also, therefore, it is convenient to make a list of expenses, and calculator in hand, add each and every one of them to know how much money you are going to spend in total. It is convenient to make this budget well to know exactly what you can afford and you will be more aware of what you spend.

Therefore, if with your current money you do not get to cover all the expenses to enjoy Christmas, it may be more advisable to request a microloan before the holidays, which will be easier for you to return later.

On the contrary, if you are going to pull your savings or cards and you are going to spend more money than you had, you should ask for a microloan such as Ferratum, which are distinguished by the comfort and transparency when hiring them, to overcome the January slope and arrive in February without any concern.

These microcredits, the first time you hire from 50 to 300 euros and you can return without interest within 30 days. The following requests have a maximum of 700 euros to return in 45 days. You can apply online to receive the money in your bank account in a few minutes after an affirmative answer.

The difference between a microloan and a Ferratum line of credit lies in the amount. While the microloans are returned in 45 days and reach up to 700 euros maximum, lines of credit of up to 1,000 euros allow you to return the money in flexible installments from 75 euros a month, use it all or a part, which you can return to return to use later if you need it and only pay interest for the money you use.

When to apply for a microloan before Christmas

If we want to face the Christmas expenses It may be a good idea to request a microloan in these cases:

- Incidental expenses. Sometimes, to Christmas expenses, you have to add a visit to the dentist, pay for a breakdown of the car or house, or buy a household appliance.

- Book a vacation. In the event that this vacation is not a simple whim and you have to go see the family or you need to disconnect, requesting a microloan is usually the best solution to book and pay within a period of up to 30 days.

- Buy gifts at the last minute. Not having anticipated purchases or having to buy more than we thought can lead to unforeseen expenses and need the necessary liquidity that we do not have.

- Buy gifts ahead of time. If you are a forecaster and you like to anticipate purchases to make them cheaper, you may need to have the money already and prefer to return the loan with peace of mind.

Why apply for a microloan after Christmas

Face the well-known "January slope"It is difficult when we have not been able to cope with the expenses that the month of December left us in. A more specific case in which it may be necessary to request a microloan after the Christmas holidays is when we have accumulated debts on our credit cards. In January, the purchases made with our "plastic money" are usually collected, so that the red numbers do not appear in our current account, a microloan can solve this situation.

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