The cases of cyberbullying grew in recent years

The online world is immense, in the network it can be found from information about the date of a certain historical event to cases of harassment. The anonymity offered by the internet and platforms such as social networks have allowed the bullying has evolved to occur through this online universe. A situation that has worsened with the expansion of new technologies.

We live in a connected world, for the good and for the bad, which means that any young person today can receive a threatening message or see a mockery towards their person through social networks. A situation that gets worse as the Privacy that secure terminals like smartphones means that parents and teachers can not detect these cases. A situation that unfortunately has increased in recent years.

The danger of instant messaging

The II Study on harassment and cyberbullying, published by the association ANAR It accounts for 26% of cases of harassment that occur through new technologies. Of this percentage, almost 76% occur in instant messaging applications since they ensure greater privacy. While in social networks, more people can see the mockery or threat, in these services everything remains between the victim and the executioner and the victim, at the expense of which the latter wants to denounce.

Something that luckily happens more and more. ANAR explains that after its many bells of awareness, more and more people dare to denounce. More cases are recorded, this means that a greater number of victims, witnesses or parents who have detected a case of harassment are brought to the attention of the authorities. However, there is still a long way to go.

ANAR figures in a 75% the number of young people who never denounce cyberbullying. The reason? As always fear of consequences is the most common, however, in the case of social networks and the Internet, anonymity also makes it more difficult to identify the stalker who hides behind a false profile. At the same time it is difficult to stop the expansion of a string of humiliating messages or stop a false rumor initiated on the internet.

Greater support for the victim

As has been said, the recorded cases of cyberbullying increased thanks to the fact that more and more people were encouraged to denounce, something that has contributed witnesses and relatives of the victims to act upon learning of one of these situations. Almost two thirds of those who suffered this type of harassment, a 60,4%They have friends or colleagues who reacted to their situation.

On the other hand, 98.5% of adults who knew one of these cases acted immediately upon learning of these situations. Increasingly parents They know about these cases thanks to the awareness campaigns they have taught the parents what to look for to know if their children or any other child is suffering from cyberbullying.

We must also highlight the involvement of professionals: in five out of ten cases in which the child faced harassment (47.8%), a psychologist and psychiatrists, and 8.7% of the circumstances cite the civil guard or police.

Damián Montero

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