Almost 70% of Spanish minors drank alcohol in the last month

The alcohol He is one of the most undesirable companions of young people. Many minors consume these drinks and are exposed to the numerous risks that these substances have for their organism. Therefore, it is the mission of the whole society to fight against this problem and to show the dangers involved in the ingestion of these ethyl substances. To this end, the last campaign of the Ministry of Health.

A campaign that not only focuses on warning young people, but also their parents. A claim that is made through the consumption data of alcohol in minors at present and that reflect the ease with which they can access these drinks. A situation that requires immediate action on the part of parents and other entities related to the education of their children.

Ease to access alcohol

The data of the Ministry of Health is based on a 68,2% the number of minors who consumed alcohol during the last month. A number that is directly related to the ease that young people have to access these drinks. This is indicated by 9 out of 10 students from 14 to 18 years, who do not find much difficulty to buy ethyl substances.

This study also recalls some of the Negative effects that has alcohol consumption in young people. One of the most serious is the alteration in the development of the Central Nervous System and whose consequences occur no matter how small the intake. Proof of this is that 18% of students admit not being able to remember what happened the night before consumption to the intake of these drinks, data from the State Survey on Drug Use in Secondary Education in Spain.

In addition, the Ministry of Health recalls other negative effects related to alcohol consumption:

- Worse academic performance when producing memory deficits, attention and cognitive impairment associated with binge drinking. In fact, the loss of concentration in the school after leaving the previous day is an event recognized by 16.2% of students who drank alcohol in the last month.

- More quantity of family problems or important discussion with parents or siblings: 3 out of 10 students recognize this type of disagreements, although among students who have consumed psychoactive substances, such as alcohol, this proportion is noticeably higher.

- Greater number of accidents. 2.8% admit having driven under the influence of alcohol and 17.2% of students have been exposed to a risk situation such as traveling as a passenger in a motor vehicle driven by someone under the influence of alcohol.

- Increased number of unprotected or non-consensual sexual relationships. The 10.2% of students who have been drunk in the last month admits having had sex that has repented the next day, 3.5 times higher than the rate among students who have not been drunk.

- Greater participation in episodes of violence. Among students who have participated in a fight in the last 12 months, in 34.2% of the cases an alcohol consumption is recognized in the two hours prior to the incident.

Prevention of alcohol consumption

The mission of campaigns like the one presented by the Ministry of Health is to prevent the consumption of alcohol in minors. For this, this same entity proposes several techniques with which to prevent young people to opt for this option:

For him Familiar scope:

- Encourage the development of skills and personal resources of children to avoid consumption by "social acceptance".

- Encourage family protection factors, links through the improvement of communication, development of self-esteem and autonomy.

- Present healthy and fun alternatives to alcohol consumption

- Intervene early with children of consumers.

For him social ambit:

- Modify perception of normality of consumption and attitudes that identify alcohol with something fun.

- Sensitize the population to increase social rejection towards certain abusive consumption patterns.

- Increase the perception of risk and account for the real effects of alcohol.

- Decrease alcohol accessibility and sanction entities that facilitate the purchase of alcohol for minors.

Damián Montero

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