Prevent your child from feeling useless, ideas to talk about their difficulties

What a horrible feeling the failure leaves. Seeing that you are not capable of something makes anyone think that it is useless for this homework, or any other assignment. A feeling difficult to eliminate in the smallest, who perform for the first time many activities with which they discover their limits. No one is perfect so not all will be equally effective for the same goal.

In addition, you should also take into account difficulties and the need to apply more effort to achieve its mission. Therefore, parents should talk with their children to avoid feelings of worthlessness. A way to keep the little ones motivated to encourage them to try again despite the obstacles that may appear while trying.

Understand the difficulties

Amanda Morin, author of The Everything Parent's Guide to Special Education explains that the first step in finding the solution is to make your child understand the difficulties he presents and to make them understand that this does not make them worse, but simply more effort is needed. We must take care of the tone and the way of this dialogue so that the child does not think that he is being scolded.

The first conversation must be a the beginning. Over time, this conversation It should deepen these difficulties and make the child understand that we have to work to solve them, not sink for them. There must be a continuous and open dialogue where confidence and self-esteem develop.

In these conversations parents must use terms that the child understands and not go into technical terms that overwhelm the child, further sinking him / her for not understanding what is being told to them. They should also be made to see that we all have limitations, a good method for this is to explain what the same parents have to understand that even the figure they are so fixed on are not perfect either.

Allow them to talk

In these conversations parents should allow their children to vent and share their feelings. What do you it affects? How do you feel about having these limitations? Once the vision of the children is understood, the parents can try to give examples of cases in which the youngest have been successful in encouraging them to continue working in order to achieve the same goal.

Another important aspect is that the children understand that when feel bad for not achieving their goals, they can go to their parents to vent their feelings in this regard. Parents must always be willing to listen to these concerns and be able to share them with them. Of course, they have to be honest and not act as if nothing happened, but get them to accept them and work to improve them.

Damián Montero

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