Children moved: tailor-made activities

Children do not stop for a moment, but they need it! For this reason, parents should favor activity and action at these ages, since it is important for a harmonious growth.

Children need to move much more than adults: always want to run, jump, climb and play. It is normal for these ages to be so active, since they are full of energy and thus release tension and express their emotions. In order for the children to be able to unleash this need for movement, we parents must do our part so that we lack sports activities, outdoor activities and games.

This stage is very important since children need to learn to move by themselves and acquire autonomy, which will contribute to the increase of self-esteem and the acquisition of later skills. In addition, physical activity improves your health and helps prevent obesity.

Why is it moving so much?

When children have between 3 and 6 years, have not yet developed their ability to control and express emotions, therefore, they are manifested through the body. When he gets angry, kicks, cries and screams, and when he's happy, he jumps up and makes a fuss. His body is the means to express himself and that is why he is so active. However, parents will be checking how, as our child grows, he will cede the body movement to reflection and internalization of thoughts. The body will stop being little by little its main expression resource.

The fact that the body is the means of expression of the child at this stage is a very important fact to be taken into account by the parents. A small child who is habitually forced (and it is understood that out of the convenient places and situations) to be quiet and quiet, is a child who can not develop his natural curious attitude, which will harm his learning.

Sport so small?

The activity helps the child to release tension, since the muscles are relaxed, fatigued in a healthy way and this helps them rest in a restorative way to be back with "the batteries charged." Therefore, it is advisable to leave space and time for them to perform activities that develop their muscles.

In addition, we are in the ideal time to cultivate through games that practice, sports habits, which can teach values ​​such as rejection of cheating, knowing how to lose with joy because the other has won, fighting spirit, know how to win without humiliating the contrary , etc.

Therefore, in these ages we can start to encourage our son to practice a sport, which in addition to regulate their need for movement, inculcate notions as basic as the need to take care of things or order with the material of their games (rackets, ball, tracksuit, etc.). In this way, the child will later be careful not only with the material he uses to play sports, but with all his belongings in general.

It is convenient to say that it is not advisable to pigeonhole or guide the child towards a single sport, but we should try to get involved in several activities at the same time, that if possible, complement each other: going out to the mountains, running, swimming, riding by bicycle * can be some entertaining suggestions for him.

Tailor-made activities: moved children

It is very good for the moved children to practice a sport. The fact that we encourage our son to practice a particular sport does not mean that we give up, at any time, activities as healthy as going to the park, for example. There, you can not only run and move to your liking, but you can also take advantage of other exercises such as riding a bicycle, playing on swings, etc.

In the same way, let's try to take time for the child to perform exercises as simple and accessible as walking or running. In the field or in some open space, these activities will allow you to develop the muscles of the legs. And to encourage him to run, nothing better than carrying a ball or organizing races. At the beginning, obviously, we will have to have some patience, because your steps will not be too coordinated. To help you progress quickly we will try to choose the least irregular terrain possible. In this way, after a while, not only will he walk in a more rhythmic way, but he will also do so with greater ease.

Watch your games!

Children, in their moments of games can give us some fright, because they do not measure the scope of their activities and they do not know how to calibrate the danger. For that reason, we give you some recommendations so that your gaming moments are safe:

- Care when children play with sticks, they can hurt themselves in the face.

- Always watch your presence, because in a moment of distraction they can be lost.

- If you like animals, andLet us know that whenever they approach a dog in the park, they must first ask the owner if they can pet him. In the same way, we watch your games with pets, so that neither of them is damaged.

- Do not allow small pieces to be brought into the mouth of toys with those who entertain themselves.

- Avoid places where the presence of cars and traffic is very close.

- Let's make sure they do not take anything from the ground Do not take it to your mouth.

Cristina Murcia


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