Changes in daily routines that increase life expectancy

What is done today will have repercussions in the future. For better or for worse, the routines that families take will decide the years coming. Even small changes that can not be seen in the day to day, can present you as major alterations with the passage of time. Therefore, why not take advantage of all the possible benefits?

This is recommended by a study of University of Edinburgh where it is recommended to introduce small changes in the day to day of families so that in the future, both parents when they reach the elderly, or children when they reach maturity, can get all benefits derived from these situations.

Monitor the weight

In this study participated More than 600,000 people in those who analyzed their lifestyle in different aspects. Three were the bases that wanted to determine those responsible for the research: smokers or not, type of meals that are put on the table or exercise. On the one hand, we wanted to determine how the peso could decide the life expectancy of these people.

Body fat and other factors were associated with diabetes and a reduction in life expectancy. For every excess of 1 kg in people, life expectancy was reduced by 2 months, according to the findings of this research. A wake-up call to watch him eat at home. Bet on a balanced diet and where saturated fats are unusual guests.

At the same time, researchers also remember the importance of parents watching over the sedentary lifestyle of their children and betting on a more active lifestyle. In this sense, small routines, such as the weekend take advantage of to take a little walk while going to buy bread and reduce leisure in front of the screens, and promote physical activity in substitution is a great idea.

Finally, specialists recommend reducing the consumption of tobacco In the home. Researchers explain that on the one hand smoking less increases, undoubtedly, the life expectancy of people. On the other hand, children will not see their parents using this product, so there will be less chance of them copying what they see in their parents' example.

Routines to include at home

This study shows how much you can change a home with the simple change of some routines like the ones indicated. These can be some practices to include on a day-to-day basis with the same purpose:

- Eat without hurry. Eating quickly will cause the stomach to not be able to send the signal to the brain of its satiety, so that food may continue to be consumed above the recommended levels. About 20 minutes is recommended before you drop the cutlery and stop eating.

- Do not skip meals. Fasting during one of the 5 meals of the day will cause the body to react absorbing more fats in each intake. A practice for nothing healthy.

- Less screen Do kids like soccer, or any other sport? That they are not spectators after the screen, that they go out to the street and practice it, without a doubt they will enjoy it much more.

- Lead by example. Note to parents, they can point their children to physical activities and other practices. But the best thing to inculcate a healthy lifestyle is for the little ones to see the bigger ones behave in this way. Why not practice it all as a family?

Damián Montero

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