Prepare the teenager to be a good adult

Maturity reaches everyone, after the adolescence It's time to face the adult stage. A moment that involves assuming responsibilities and being the owner of life, and of a whole home. A context that can overwhelm people. However, parents can take advantage of their children's youth to instruct in the face of this change in their situation when it arrives.

Adolescence is a stage of change, but it is also a good time to get the children to prepare them for full maturity. Without losing their authority at home, parents should be granting certain autonomy young people at home and, in particular, allow them to make mistakes to learn from mistakes and to manage those situations they have not been able to control.

Freedom supervised

Since American Academy of Pediatrics Parents of adolescent children are recommended a climate of supervised release. Grant autonomy so that young people in the home learn to make decisions and take the consequences. Yes, an autonomy with limits to avoid greater evils. We must remember that even though they are a few years away from becoming adults, they still are not.

There is still a way to go until they finally leave the home and create their own, a path in which they will have to learn to solve their problems. But you always have to be willing to lend your support and clarify possible doubts before making decisions by adolescents at home.

In this organism the following are given tips for parents to promote autonomy in their children for their preparation as adults:

- Increase your tasks. Parents should allow their adolescent children to do things for themselves. Allow tasks such as preparing lunch, putting a washing machine, things they can do for themselves. Work that will be of help in the adult stage

- That they experience consequences. If the adolescent chooses something, he must assimilate the consequences and be the one who solves the derangements produced. Have you forgotten a book for the institute? Next time you should pay more attention.

- To be strict. One thing is to support, another thing is to solve their problems. We must let the adolescent be the protagonist of his story, for better or for worse, and help him if he needs it. Never fix your problems.

- Your pay. In adolescence new needs begin to emerge: stay with friends, birthdays for those who must buy a gift, desire for whims. All these matters must be resolved through the weekly assignment itself.

- Invite him to participate in adult conversations. There is nothing better to reach maturity than to move in one of these contexts. Allowing the young person to participate in these conversations and learn to socialize in this environment is a good idea.

Your life at home

The routine At home, it can also be a good setting to foster the adolescent's preparation for adult autonomy. Here are some tips for this:

- Work as a family. Adolescents are no longer children, they are almost adults who must operate according to their status. Assume responsibilities within the home or fulfill them without anyone having to remind them.

- Respect coexistence. A teenager can listen to music, watch a series, read a book, but not bothering others. A very important rule is that their autonomy ends where the others begin.

- Your own space. The adolescent should be able to choose some patterns of his life, such as the decoration of his room or the clothes he likes to wear. Obviously, we must always take into account the age of the children before allowing any of these issues because certain may not suit the maturity.

Damián Montero

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