Study techniques for effective homework afternoons

Each day children must study a new subject of mathematics, language, science ... and every day they sit in front of the book or notes and begin to read, underline, make schemes ... To get the time spent learning a new topic is effective there are some study techniques that help to fix knowledge effectively.

Imagine that you have a puzzle on the table and you try to memorize all the colors that the pieces have, look, repeat and repeat until you memorize all the colors. Do you think this will allow you to get to the full picture of the puzzle? We need to establish relationships, classifications that allow us to begin to intuit the complete image. Well, the process is similar when you want to study a new subjecta, our brain needs to assemble new pieces through understanding, just memorizing a fact without understanding or context will not help you to understand what is really happening or how the concept fits others you are learning.

The process of remembering itself emphasizes meaningful learning and helps us build small neural connections in which we can hang our thoughts. Maybe when you approach a new topic you sit at your desk, with your best will, your favorite highlighters and the book, ipad, notes and other material, a usual situation is that the hours pass while you read, reread, underline and repeat.

Do you know why we like to re-read the notes or books?

This gives us the illusion that the material is also in our brains. But in reality it is not, because it may be easier to look at the book instead of remembering, and we persist in this illusion, studying in a way that simply is not very effective. DIn this way, we can get to the exam, not remember anything and say "with what I study and I do not remember anything". Well no, you just wasted your time, letting yourself be carried away by the illusion that you knew it.

This reminds us that only with the willingness to learn the subject, and dedicate a lot of time to doing it, does not guarantee that we actually learn it. A very useful way to make sure that you are learning and not deceiving yourself with illusions, is to test yourself with respect to what you are studying.

In a way, that's what you do when you remember. It is allowing you to see if you actually got an idea or not. If you make a mistake while doing it, it is really a very positive thing because you can correct it and strengthen knowledge.

Study techniques that are effective

The Remembering technique is very powerful, in addition there is another useful advice that is to remember
The material outside of your usual place of study can also help strengthen learning. We do not realize it but when you are learning something new, our brain takes subliminal clues of the room where you were and the space that surrounded you at the time you were originally learning the material. This can mislead you when you present an exam, because you usually present it in a different room of the room in which you studied. By remembering and thinking about the material when you are in various physical environments, you become independent of the clues that gives you a specific place. That helps you avoid the problem that the room is not the same in which you originally learned the material.

Another aspect to take into account is the time control. Divide the work time into fractions of approximately half an hour, with breaks of a few minutes that allow you to get up, fix your sight in another point or drink water, it is very productive. To get an optimal performance of the brain while we are studying as important are breaks as the time we dedicate to work. In this way, you will get your children to train attention and concentration.

To know more, consult The Pomodoro technique 

Aleida Orviz. Director of Orienting in positive

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