Find a relationship between attention problems and farsightedness

That a child presents attention problems at school does not mean that he is a bad student. These attitudes are not always related to bad behavior and there are times when the youngest can be affected by a problem that provokes them in this situation. An example is the ADHD, now a new study has proven that vision can also explain these situations.

The Ohio State University has found a relationship between the farsightedness in children and less attention at school. The greatest difficulty in seeing the closest objects and attending to the environment that surrounds them, makes the students disconnect from this context. At the same time, this problem in the eyes makes their coordination is blocked preventing them from performing usual tasks.

Trend to the lowest notes

To analyze the influence of farsightedness In the school life of the youngest children, researchers shared the results of 250 preschool children with moderate hyperopia, and almost 250 with a normal view. Both groups had to perform common tasks in this educational stage to check how the tests in this case changed.

The study data showed that hyperopic children were more likely to get low grades on these tests. One of the explanations it is the smallest visual-motor capacity, for example the coordination between hands and eyes. This fact hurts tasks as simple as writing or making crafts, even in cases where this visual problem was light or moderate.

"We knew from previous work that preschool and kindergarten children with uncorrected farsightedness have lower early literacy, and this new study shows that these children have even more deficits from an early age," explains the study's author. Marjean Taylor Kulp.

Treatment of hyperopia

If there are suspicions that a child can be hyperopic, for example it is difficult to read letters nearby, you should go to the oculist to perform a vision test. The child will be subjected to a standard vision test, in which the child will be asked to read letters or recognize drawings of different sizes in a box placed at the other end of the room.

The next step will be to determine the degree of hyperopia. In the most mild, children do not usually need treatment, since by training the accommodation they can focus well and achieve a clear vision, both from far and near. When more aggressive symptoms appear, correction methods are glasses.

It is also recommended that children perform their labors under a light or while playing. In this way they will need to force less accommodation and their sight will suffer less. The prescription of glasses for hyperopia will be preceded by the plus sign in front of the number of diopters (for example, + 3).

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