The vocation, is it built or discovered?

We are born with unique qualities and different from those of others. If we can focus on those skills, we will develop a talent. For this to happen, we must only align our personal inclinations with that aptitude. Making what we do well come together with what we like is the key to finding our vocation. The formula seems easy, why then can not we find the focus?

Why many people are not satisfied in their work or why is what we like so much of what we devote most of our time? The magic response to Vocation construction It is capacity, effort and orientation.

We understand by vocation The tendency that a person feels toward certain activities is a natural inclination that we manifest from childhood. It is related to the specific skills, capabilities and economic and social possibilities, as well as the opportunities offered by the context.

Vocation is something that is done

We are facing one of the great challenges that is to discover who we really are, and to develop implies effort. Also, as any process involves traversing a series of phases to find the way to build your life project. Who you are? When doubts arise, the possibilities of development arise, and decisions must be made.

"When we are passionate about what we do and we also have the adequate preparation to do it well, we are in our" element ", a state in which we work without fatigue and with great creativity," said Ken Robinson.

The vocation and the necessary professional orientation

Being good at something and passionate about you is a must, but it's not enough. Vocation is also a matter of attitude. It often requires the help and guidance of other people. Sometimes this comes from someone who sees something that we do not see, sometimes it comes from a person who makes the best out of us, in this sense a professional orientation can help us design the roadmap:

- Recognize interests, capacities and attitudes. Through a structured orienting activity you can detect, recognize interests that help the individual to become aware of their potential.
- Empower. The professionals of the orientation
- Provide information and techniques that help build professional projects,
- Work commitment. What puts the student in a effort position and development to complete the work in it.

The challenge is not to obtain a university degree, but the fundamental thing is to choose a way of living and that your work is part of life, a part not the only one is to say that there are multiple areas of development of human potential.

The family, social and personal limiting beliefs put us from time to time in a confused situation where the search processes are not always well interpreted. Faced with this, students respond by taking a hasty decision without taking into account all their potential or interests.

Think, reflect and search in certain periods of life as adolescence is not well seen, which pushes to create professional itineraries moved by the goal of getting a salary. We educate to compete and not to make competent people.

Aleida Orviz. Director of Orientando en positivo

Video: Wayne Grudem: A Theology of Work/Vocation

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