When cancer knocks on the door, how to react

A family is a solid structure that sometimes sees its foundations wobble. Situations that are not always provoked by the members of a household, there are times when from outside knocks on the door a problem that makes it necessary for everyone to pineapple to contribute their bit. An example is the arrival of Cancer home, a very serious illness and difficult to deal with.

However, both the person affected by the Cancer, as those around her need the support of the rest. All the members of the household must fight to one and encourage each other so that this trance, already sad in itself, does not suppose the immersion in a deeper well yet. Give the Spanish Association Against Cancer there are a series of guidelines to be able to cope with this disease once it has arrived home.

What you can do

To remedy the disease you need the help of a doctor, a specialist that remedies cancer. That is why many relatives are discouraged at the thought that they can not do anything, but the reality is different: there is much to contribute to the person who is affected by this condition. Knowing how to behave in these situations will help this relative feel better:

- Demonstrate that the family is still there and that it is willing to continue. The disease has not caused distance, but closeness.

- Do not bother. Although we must show closeness, we must not burden the patient with excessive attention.

- Do not neglect physical contact. Many cancer patients feel they have a serious contagious disease, you have to show that you do not and that you will continue to receive as much love as possible through physical contact.

- Do not rule out short activities. The state of health of these people makes them get tired soon, so small activities that evade without much fatigue can be a great option.

- Remove positive and different topics from the disease, which are of interest to the patient. It is impossible to get the cancer out of the patient's head, but as far as possible it is better to avoid their thoughts with these talks.

- We must allow crying, cry and feel sad is not bad. But we must prevent this state of mind from becoming chronic.

And if the cancer reaches the little ones

A situation that no father wants to live is to receive the idea that his son he has cancer. Even so, there are those who unfortunately have to face this situation. Here are some tips for them:

- He's still a boy. Do not forget your age and your needs. Despite the illness, children should continue playing and enjoying these moments.

- Show the best face. It is quite difficult for a child to see himself in this situation, if he sees his parents nervous or sad, these sensations will increase. Therefore, we must always remember to raise the spirits of the little ones.

- Explain that they will never be separated from their parents. Cancer can suppose the goodbye of its habitual routines, reason why it is probable that the boy feels also fear of losing the relation with its parents. They should be explained that this will never happen.

- Talk with your brothers to support them as much as possible and bring them to distract them and evade them from this situation that exceeds them.

- Do not neglect the progress of the home. The mission is to make everything follow its normal course, something that will not be achieved if other functions such as the attention of other children are neglected.

- If the situation worsens, we should not hesitate to ask a child psychologist or a family therapist to help us with a cable.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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