In Spain, women have their first child at 30.7 years

Job stability or the price of life are just some of the factors that determine the age at which women decide to get pregnant for the first time. In Spain, that age is delayed more and more, almost heading the European statistics.

The average age at which women have their first child in Spain is 30.7 years, according to the latest Eurostat data. In this way, and according to the figures of the European statistical office, ours is the second European country with the highest average age of first pregnancy. It only exceeds Italy, with an average of 30.8 years.

The foreigners have their first child before

The cultural context of each woman also influences this fact. According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) for 2016, Spanish women take almost four years more to conceive for the first time than foreign residents in Spain. Thus, the Spanish have their first child at 31.3, compared to 27.7 of foreign.

Women should bear in mind that the range between 20 and 30 years is the most fertile. Over the years, the useful ovules are reduced and, after 35 years, the chances of pregnancy decrease significantly.

Spain exceeds the number of cesareans recommended by WHO

Age also affects the number of cesareans. According to the latest data published by the National Institute of Statistics, in 2014 the percentage of cesarean deliveries was 18.9 percent between 20 and 24 years; increased to 26.3 percent between 30 and 34; and reached 61 percent between 45 and 49.

This is because they are pregnancies with higher risk. With age increases the frequency of gestational diabetes, hypertension and other pathologies for which, in many cases, they resort to cesarean section.

In the words of the World Health Organization, "since 1985, the international health community has considered that the 'ideal' rate of caesarean sections is between 10 percent and 15 percent." However, according to INE statistics, 27.2 percent of deliveries that took place in Spain in 2014 were by cesarean section.

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