The habitual intake of alcohol in the university worsens the labor perspective

The consumption of alcohol It has harmful consequences for young people, that is something that is well known. Often these negative effects are usually related to health, but little is said about the influence of the intake of other beverages in other areas such as job search.

Now, a new study published in the journal Journal of Applied Psychology points out that those university students who exceed the intake of alcohol, present a worse work perspective. One more sample of how the responsibility in this stage can influence when it comes to securing an employment status at the end of this student period.

Alteration in capabilities

To analyze the effects of alcohol on the future life of university students, a team of researchers led by Peter Bamberger analyzed a total of 827 university students. All of them had to answer questions related to their leisure outings and the presence of alcohol in them, or not, and once graduated, respond to their work situation.

The results showed that students who abused alcohol four times a month presented a 6% less of probabilities of finding a job upon graduation than another student with healthier habits. Those individuals who drank moderately did not encounter negative consequences to the job search results of the graduates.

For the researchers, these results are related to the capabilities Students who abused alcohol during this stage have fewer skills and acquire less skills in their teaching. Something that directly affects the job search. More outings, involve less time to study and other activities necessary to form a curriculum.

And a poorer curriculum impacts when it comes to finding a job. This was demonstrated by the results of the study that show how responsibility is a better way than habitual consumption of alcohol and the constant Departures during the university period.

Risks of alcohol consumption

The habitual consumption of alcohol not only influences the possibility of finding a job. These substances, and their abuse, have other very negative among young people Some of them are:

- Alterations of relationships with family, classmates and teachers.

- Poor school performance.

- Assaults, violence, disturbances of public order.

- Adoption of high-risk behaviors, such as driving after drinking, the first cause of mortality in this age group.

- Risky sexual activities, which lead to unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

- Increase in alcoholic illness and serious dependency problems in young people.

- Alterations in memory and learning processes, with brain changes, both at the functional and structural levels, and with differences in the damage observed in boys and girls, produced by different consumption patterns.

- Acute alcohol poisoning. Result produced by the consumption of alcoholic beverages in an abrupt manner and in quantity greater than the individual tolerance of the person. Depending on the amount of alcohol ingested and the tolerance, acute alcohol poisoning can range from mild disinhibition to coma, with respiratory depression and death. Acute alcohol poisoning is the most common organic mental disorder induced by alcohol, and there is great social tolerance in alcohol, especially in adolescents, young people and on weekends and holidays.

- The day after the intake of alcohol can be differentiated the existence of organic and psychosocial effects with headache, appetite changes, insomnia, lack of use of the next day.

Damián Montero

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