Intermediate period, how to avoid health risks

The beginning of autumn is a stage somewhat strange to what temperatures it means. Sometimes the day asks to wear a short-sleeved shirt, and the next it is possible to go outside and find rain and cold. This moment is called by many as the "halftime", which can lead to health problems, especially colds.

How to decide the costumes at this time of year? How can the health problems that so often relate to this be prevented?entretiempo"Fortunately, it is not difficult to keep the colds and other conditions related to this stage of the fall at bay.

Caring for the wardrobe

It is true that the weather at this time of year is very upset and can make parents do not know how to dress their children. Cold in the morning, heat at noon and uncertainty in the afternoon. The answer to these alterations is best to prevent them from healing. A small jacket It never hurts and it is always to have it on hand for a possible sudden drop in temperatures at sunset.

In case you do not need it, you can always carry it in your hand or leave it in the car while it is not being used and resort to it in case it is necessary. Also keep in mind that sweating excessively can be harmful and lead to health problems. If they start to leave sleeves, do not hesitate to unbutton a little but without going as the contrast can lead to lowered defense that lead to the cold.

Recapitulating, the ideal is dress by layers. Each of these levels of clothing represents a state, for example, the last one can be a short-sleeved or long-thin shirt to promote perspiration in the event of a rise in temperature. From here, garments can be added depending on the weather needs of the situation.

Beware of lifestyle

Do not forget about the immune system at this time of year. At this stage it is possible that the decrease in defenses of place to colds and other health problems, so we must not forget a good lifestyle. The first thing that must be taken into account is the sleep schedule, rest hours are essential to keep the body in good condition.

A balanced diet is important for the immune system. Food is the fuel of the organism and if it is of poor quality, the result will be the same. And of course, good nutrition should be accompanied by sections of exercise often and abandonment of life sedentary. Even if it's a short walk in the park, always try to keep the little ones active.

Damián Montero

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