Almost 40% of young people in Spain have not become independent

Growing means many things, but there is an especially significant moment for all: the emancipation. Leave the parental home and start a new life in a home that the young person must take care of: bills, purchases, cleaning, etc. An event that although it can not be avoided, it has been postponed in relation to past generations.

The difficulties to find a stable job or the constant training of many young people are two factors that cause the delay of the emancipation in the new generations. This is explained from the portal Uniplaces, entity that also indicates an increase in the price of the rent that does not correspond with an increase in the salaries, something that can explain the delay in the independence of the youth.

Differences with other countries

The data you put on the table Uniplaces set in a 39% the number of young Spaniards who have not yet become independent. A number that is very different from that presented by other countries that have participated in this survey where the reality of 2,500 individuals from several European countries has been collected. Germany appears as the country with the greatest volume of independence in the new generations with 84% of this sector of the population living outside of their father's home.

In second place is the United Kingdom, with 82% of young people emancipated, followed by Italy with 76%. It also highlights the way in which some of the young people become independent in Spain 5% of them get it thanks to their parents giving up a home to be able to leave their parents' home, a figure only surpassed by the British (5%) and Italians (18%).

And what is the way in which Europeans emancipate themselves? The data of this study are clear: young people who access a new home do so through rent, since only 1% of respondents recognize themselves as owners of their own home. The rest choose to share a house or a student residence, especially during the student stage.

The rental price

Uniplaces also points to the price of rent as one of the problems when it comes to becoming independent in many young people. It is considered that the cost of leasing is high when it exceeds the 40% of the income of the individual. In the last year, 43% of the tenants of this form of housing exceeded this percentage. A situation that makes it difficult to face other expenses such as bills or basic purchase.

Since Caritas These reasons are also indicated to explain the decline in the emancipation of young people:

- The progressive decrease in the construction of public housing.

- The accelerated increase in the prices of free housing.

- Insecurity in employment and inability to achieve regularity in income flows.

- Increase in the cost of rents

- The poor condition of the rental housing and its inadequacy to the typologies demanded by the young people.

Damián Montero

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