10 keys to educational innovation for a change in the classroom

Educational innovation is today the engine of the transformations of the method to improve the educational process. To achieve this, a strategic plan is necessary to bring innovation to the classroom and create a teacher training program to equip them with the tools to adapt to 21st century students.

The keys to educational innovation

The I International Congress of Educational Innovation, organized by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Government of Aragon, experts such as Maria Acaso, Richard Gerver, David Johnson, David Cuartielles and César Bona have laid the keys to the current and future Educational innovation and its methodologies:

1. Educational innovation tries to improve the system, it does not transform it, and it is the way to achieve real change in the classroom.

2. The student is at the center of this system, in which teachers and family have to work together.

3. Technology is part of life and we should not leave it outside the classroom, as it is one of the main learning tools. But it can never replace the teacher.

4. Empathy or emotion management they are as important as those contained in a school.

5. Innovation is not an end in itself, must have the mission to develop the potential of students as human beings. You have to give them tools for life.

6. The objective of cooperative learning is that each member of the group is a stronger individual.

7. Arts and artistic thought (Art Thinking) they are necessary in the educational strategy to face the unknowns of the XXI century: the human being is creative by nature and we must not stop promoting this quality.

8. Administrations must be committed to educational innovation and the methodological change.

9. Education represents life, so in the school the subjects must be mixed. The curricula must be flexible and incorporate skills and competencies.

10. Teachers must be designers of learning experiences. They should be able to make students connect what they are taught with the real world, with their lives.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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