Request to the Government to expand energy consumption in large families

Every family It has needs according to its characteristics. A household with five members does not present the same demands as another with three. That is why from the Spanish Federation of Large Families, FEFN, the Government is asked for special consideration by expanding its energy consumption to allow greater use of basic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, etc. how necessary they are in the day to day of many nuclei.

This body has already asked the Government to raise the limits of consumption, in large families, that the draft of the new Draft Order that develops the Royal Decree submitted by the Ministry of Energy has set for the application of the social bonus. Thus, the FEFN has proposed that they increase to 5,600 kWh per year in the case of families of special category.

Special category for the numerous

From FEFN explain that currently the cap is of is of 3,600 kWh per year, a limit that claims not to reward luxuries, but the normal consumption of an average family in Spain. Thus, consumption means that the 25% discount, offered by the social bonus on the electricity bill, only applies up to that maximum, and not on the total.

From this point, each household would invoice with the rate of PVPC (Voluntary Price to the Small Consumer). FEFN asks that these ceilings on consumption take into account the types of families that live in each household. At this point the Ministry is requested that in the case of the numerous special category this limit amounts to 5,600 kWh per year.

Eva Holgado, president of FEFN, also explains that the limit established by the Ministry should have continued to establish a percentage or a certain amount of kilowatts for each additional child. In its opinion "A large family of 3 children is not the same as one of 5, 6 or 7".

The battle of the diaper

From FEFN there are more claims to the Government. One of the most noteworthy is the request for the lowering of the diaper price, a situation that has even led to criticism of decisions such as the reduction of VAT in the drinks in nightclubs and parties, which will go from 21 to 10%.

From FEFN is remembered that for years they have been asking for the reduction in the VAT of the diapers to consider completely excessive that they are taxed with 21% being an essential item used daily by millions of families. That's why last year he developed a campaign in where he obtained more than 182,000 signatures that were subsequently delivered to the Congress of Deputies.

These obtained signatures were addressed to the President of the Government, together with the request for defense within the Ecofin, Economic Affairs Council of the European Union, of this popular demand widely supported by citizens and that not only affects large families, but to any home with the presence of a child.

The response to the petition informed FEFN of the impossibility to reduce VAT on children's products after noting that "the European standard does not allow the application of any reduced rate to children's diapers that are taxed at the general rate of 21% Tax". This body claims not to understand the reasons why the EU has established that these items can not enter the group of products that can have a reduced tax of 10%, as is the case of feminine hygiene articles or diapers for Adults.

Damián Montero

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