Tantrums in public, why you should not allow them

You can not always get what you want. However, this is something that not all children understand and when they do not get the toy that they have craved or go to the place they wanted to visit they initiate a huff with which they intend to change their parents' opinions. A peculiar way to channel their frustration for not having obtained this "prize" and to demand attention.

This call for attention often makes tantrums appear while the child is in public: a shopping center full of people, a family reunion or a busy street are some of the scenarios that children choose to show this behavior. If already these attitudes should not be tolerated in private, in the public sphere less since this confirms to the minor that this is a good way to claim information.

Ends with fun

The specialists of Baby Center they explain that the anger before a tantrum and answer exalted is not a good answer. The child seeks to alter the situation and if he sees that his parents have put themselves in this way, they will understand that this attitude is a good tool to handle these situations where he has not achieved what he wanted.

The best way to react to a tantrum is calmly and putting an end to all fun that the child could be enjoying. If for example this behavior is exposed in a family reunion, the parents should move their child to another room and wait for him to calm down to have a brief talk with him. The objective here is to lower the child from the stage where he demands everyone's attention.

In this chat the child should explain what he wants, and at the same time the parents should let him know the reasons why he can not achieve this goal. It is necessary to ensure that the minor understands this reasoning and not to impose the paternal criterion since in this way nothing will be achieved.

Also, raising your voice and showing great anger can also scare the child, from tantrum to crying out of fear. You have to keep calm to transmit this tranquility to the child and, while remaining firm, make him see that everything is going well. In a leisurely way, parents must act according to the criteria before mentioned.

Prevention of tantrums

Can temper tantrums be prevented? The answer is yes. These behaviors can be subject to prior education by parents, these are some of the tips that are offered from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics:

- The example of the parents is fundamental always. The attitude of parents before setbacks should be calm and calm, never react to frustration in a bad way.

- Obedience must be the object of education. At home it should be clear that the last word always has the parents.

- You have to structure rules in the house. It should not be a long list and complete, but rather concrete and mandatory.

- Mechanisms must be sought to put children back on track.

- Spontaneity must be encouraged and respected. It is not about appeasing the sudden behavior of children, but about encouraging positive ones and reprimanding negative ones.

- Monitor the possible counter-educational elements, often coming from television. Programs, however childish, should be seen in the company of parents.

Damián Montero

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