Sharing nanny, new savings formula for families

Most families who choose to share babysitting are usually friends, neighbors or co-workers. However, new technologies have given way to online platforms that allow parents from the same area to get in touch to jointly organize the care of children. The alternative not only allows great economic savings, children make new friendships and you can choose a babysitter with more preparation.

If this option seems interesting, we analyze What is a shared nanny, how this new trend works and the advantages and disadvantages What can you have for families?

What is sharing nanny?

Sharing babysitting is a new modality that allows you to hire the services of a babysitter so that children can be cared for at home or on leaving school. The trend comes from other European countries and has been strongly implemented in Spain hand in hand with technology.

Various online platforms offer the possibility of sharing nanny. It consists of two or more families get in contact with each other so that the care of the children takes place in a single address.

Most parents hire a shared babysitter to cover the hours they are working, although this alternative also resolves the care of children on a specific night. After families divide the expenses each.

This new saving formula is included within an increasingly extended trend, the so-called "collaborative economy". This new consumption model grows worldwide between 15 and 17% each year and Spain is not far behind, a third of Spanish Internet users use this type of collaborative consumption.

How much does a shared babysitter cost?

The nannies are within the agreement of domestic employees, their monthly salary must not be less than the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI), of 707.7 euros.

In the case that the babysitter works for hours, in external regime, the minimum price per hour worked must be 5.54 euros (This amount includes the proportional part of holidays and extra payments).

In any case, the salary or the price per hour that a shared nanny charges, is something that families must agree with the babysitter. The final price will depend on several factors such as experience, references or training with the caregiver (always exceeding the minimum).

The total expenditure is finally divided by the number of families. In this way, when sharing expenses, parents can afford to pay a slightly higher price per hour, which can expand the range of possibilities and ensure that the profile of the candidate is the most appropriate.

How does sharing nanny work?

You can share a babysitter with people we have previously met: friends, family or colleagues. If this option is not viable, you can go to the online platforms to look for families in our same area that are interested in this alternative.

Once we contact the family it is fundamental meet in person.
There is something obvious, if there is no trust between parents, it is not advisable to share a nanny. Families must stay to meet each other, confirm that their educational values ​​are in the same line and check that they have things in common.

Once the needs of the two parties have been analyzed, the process of selecting the kangaroos for look for the ideal candidate. It is preferable that the shared nanny have experience, references and training related to child care. Online platforms allow us to establish filters by marking the different search criteria.

When families find a nanny that fits their needs, they should write a contract in which all the details regarding:
- Chores of the nanny
- Place where the service will be offered. In case of rotating the family homes, establish a periodicity.
- Salary, vacation and extra pay
- Working hours

Advantages of sharing nanny

- The main advantage is the economic savings, which reaches 50% in case of sharing kangaroo with another family.

- Three out of ten Spaniards say they would be willing to pay more to their nanny if they could share their services. When there is no economic barrier, you can choose a more professional profile. In this way we can make sure that the babysitter has years of experience, references and specific qualifications. You can also choose native or bilingual nannies, with higher prices per hour but offering the advantages of bilingualism to our children.

- Sharing nanny allows children to interact with other children of similar ages. In this way, their socialization, in addition to providing a climate of trust and greater affectivity. They will learn to be more tolerant of others and to be less rigid.

- In case of possible unforeseen, we have not only the help of the shared nanny but also a second family.

Disadvantages of sharing nanny

- When one of the children gets sick, Who cares for the nanny? Of the child who is sick or of those who are not? To avoid misunderstandings, it is important that families reach an agreement on this point before opting for this alternative, especially when children are very young and their immune system is less developed to fight diseases.

- If there is no fluent communication between families, the formula of sharing nanny will not work. They must have the same values ​​in relation to the education of children and be flexible when possible contingencies arise.

- If choosing the right nanny is important, perhaps it is more important family selection process with which we will share your services. You have to take time to choose well, be selective and make a decision only if we are fully convinced.

- At the time of choose the holiday period, families will have to negotiate not only with the babysitter but also with each other.

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