Ideas to encourage the game of exploration in children

The game is not just fun. These activities can bring laughs and valuable teachings if they are done correctly. The youngest of the house can benefit from these practices, such as turning children into real explorers who must seek treasures in the park or at home.

Play at exploration presents great benefits ranging from a commitment to the ability to reason, to a better coordination of their senses to have to look with their eyes and have to use their extremities to reach the tracks. Having fun can also be synonymous with learning and developing skills that will be beneficial in the future.

Why is exploring beneficial for children?

Exploration brings great benefits as a game to children. Discover the world, always with the supervision of a adult, is important for the emotional, social and physical development of young children. Children who participate in these activities learn more about their environment and how it works.

Exploring also offers children a great opportunity to work on important motor skills and gives great confidence to have overcome a challenge. Letting children participate in these activities is a way to make the little ones get enough daily physical activity.

Exploration games for children

Play to explore and discover can participate both at home how out of it. For inside the home these are some ideas:

- Mirror Mirror. Game recommended especially for the stage of early childhood where children learn to recognize themselves in images or mirrors.

- "Where is your nose?" Through this game the little ones can identify the parts of their body while also gain coordination.

- Find the treasure. Hide a chocolate bar or some candy, make a treasure map where clues are given is a great way to spend the day in rainy days and take advantage.

It also can go out to implement some exploration games like the following:

- Play ball. The ball allows many activities to explore the parts of the body. A ball that has to be hit with different parts: head, feet, chest, hands, etc. It is a good idea to discover these tips.

- Excursion to nature. Before traveling to these environments, it is a good idea to prepare a list of the elements of the area. Once there you can encourage the children to pick up leaves and stones, feel the bark on the trees and collect insects from this environment.

- The drawing. A good idea is to take a blank sheet of paper and some pencils so that in the street children can draw some elements that they discover. You can ask them to capture something that has caught their attention or give some instructions in order to check some notions on the part of the child.

Damián Montero

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