These are the most frequent complexes of children

The time that par excellence should be the most beautiful time of their lives, childhood, can become a real ordeal as a result of having some complex, a feeling that can block them in many aspects, not only at a social level, and that they must overcome working your self-esteem

After eight or nine years, children are able to assess the reactions that others have towards them and discern whether they are good or bad. For this reason, from kids we must teach them to think for themselves and decide on some of the things that directly affect them. Only in this way will they grow confident of themselves and be able to overcome all the rejections that come from outside.

The most frequent complexes in children

The most frequent complexes of children can be physical, that is, derived from their own person compared to others, intellectuals when they are caused by a lack of self-esteem when comparing their grades with other schoolmates and emotional when their shyness or introversion They block their social relationships.

1. Physical complexes
The origin of the physical complexes of children arises when they compare physically to each other, in height, in weight, because they want to be like the best, those that are advertised on television, or as their favorite athletes or actors. There begins the ordeal for a child whose weight, for example, is a little higher than the average of those of his age, for those who wear glasses, for those who wear braces ...

2. Fear of school failure
Parents have a tendency to compare the grades that children bring home with their professional future and this can lead to a sense of guilt for the child and end up in an inferiority complex. Also a state of anxiety to think that he is not able to get good grades and that his professional life will be a failure.

3. Introversion
There are children who are afraid to relate to other classmates because they fear what they think of them and reject them. They anticipate what others can decide about their person and this leads them to completely inhibit showing their shyness or introversion.

Ideas to help children overcome their complexes

- Every comparison is odiousespecially when it is repetitive and we always leave the child below. At his age it was not better or worse, just different.

- Discover some quality of the child where it is possible to support yourself to help you. Some special hobby, some sport in which it stands out, some virtue ... If you recognize its merits you will see the world with different eyes and you will feel rehabilitated.

- Try praising him several times a day. No need to wait to find virtues. Let him see that his family is in his favor.

- If you have a defect do not hide what is a reality: a defect. It's something he can not ignore. On the contrary, he has to overcome it and realize that he has much merit to know how to take it well. Let him realize that he is a special person so that he has a high concept of himself.

Sometimes, the inferiority complex is revealed with excessive shyness, laziness, fits of rage or more or less imaginative gibberish that can get very nervous. In any case, we must always try to avoid reprimanding the facts related to the complex, with the defects, through comparisons. But, of course, you can not let go of not fulfilling your obligations such as making a bed, being ordered, etc.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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