The reasons for not letting the dog sleep in the same room as people

The mascots they become another family member. These animals welcomed into the family acquire many behaviors that are usually typical of people and their life revolves around their owners. In fact, even in some cases the dogs share a room with the members of the household. A decision that some question.

An example is the study conducted by the Mayo Clinic questioning the advisability of letting the mascots in the same room as people because the quality of sleep can be altered. The constant movements of the dog and the possibility of getting on the bed are two of the causes that explain that the specialists of this body advise throwing the animals out of the rooms.

Learn to say no

This study focused on 40 pet owners with only one dog in their homes. The researchers analyzed the sleep hours of these people and the times they woke up over a week. For this the humans They carried an activity monitor on the wrist to detect the movement of these and the light that penetrated the room. They were also asked to follow a dream diary where they value the quality of it.

At the same time, the dogs were wearing a activity monitor that detected only the movement and thus check how many times they roamed the room, entered or left the room or climbed to the beds of their owners. The researchers found that the quality of sleep of a human being was greater and that they woke up less often after starting to sleep when their pets were not present in the room.

"For me it's the same as with caffeine," explains Dr. Christopher Winter, one of the authors of the study who explains that like people who say they can drink coffee before going to sleep No problem, people who believe that having the pet in their room does not affect them are wrong. "I think that it affects him and that they are simply not aware of it, he makes his dream, which could be 100 percent, be 85 percent," he concludes.

At this point the specialists point out that in most of the occasions parents can not say no to their pets when they feel sorry for them. But you have to teach since they are puppies to sleep in other areas and, especially, remind children that the rooms are for them and for pets.

To consider

A pet is a responsibility. Therefore, before taking a home you must make clear a list of things to the children so that nothing goes wrong:

- Friends to take care of. Our son has to see in his pet a friend to take care of and protect. But if we have a child something "trasto" that mistreats the animal, we must prohibit those tricks. The ears, tail and snout are the three parts of the body that suffer the most damage from children. Do not forget that some of these jokes can be interpreted for the dog as a challenge, and become somewhat violent.

- Animals to educate. Animals also need to be corrected without screaming, just like our children. The dog, for example, has a very sensitive ear, and if he gets used to screaming, then a more severe tone of voice will not work when it is necessary to correct him.

- If you have to do without the pet, avoid leaving it. If you observe in your child reactions of phobia towards the animal or some type of allergy, even if it costs you, it is preferable to get rid of the pet. There are adequate places to leave it, without having to leave it.

- To avoid the risk of transmitting animal diseases to children or family members, you should always collect and dispose of their waste in the trash and, above all, wash your hands frequently, especially before eating.

- We must also avoid that animals suck the face of children, but if this happens, it will be enough to wash his face.

Damián Montero

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