Childhood is happiest when both parents are involved in it

A son specifies both parents, both man and woman. It is true that some actions such as breastfeeding can only be assumed by the mother, but the other figure can participate a lot in the process of raising a child and in fact those minors who find both parents during their development manifest greater happiness.

This is indicated by a report by the Academy of Pediatrics where it becomes clear that the role of parents in the education of their children may be even greater than the one traditionally carried out. That is, the figure of man in the upbringing of a child must be more than a mere economic sustenance and participate in other practices such as listening and addressing the emotional needs of children.

Commitment of both parents in education

This body highlights that the father involvement In raising your child you must start long before it comes into the world. Mothers who have partners involved in pregnancy are less likely to deliver prematurely, and their newborns are less likely to suffer from infant mortality. After childbirth, although boys can not breastfeed, they can participate by calming and sleeping well.

During childhood, the participation of both parents It is a double teaching that contributes to the development of certain skills such as language and two supervisors of their behavior. From this organism it is recommended to agree on a method of parenting so as not to drive the child crazy with two different systems.

In preadolescence, having two figures helps to reduce high risk behaviors. The responsible of this report highlight that in families with involvement of both parents there were fewer cases of pregnancy in adolescents, depression and better cognitive developments.

A different point of view

Usually the mother is the only one involved in the care of the child. This assumes that the child loses the father's point of view. Both parents can contribute different strengths to the family. An example is that male dads tend to play with their little ones in a way that introduces physical activity into the routine of the little ones.

But this does not mean that men should dedicate themselves solely to physical game with his kids. We must remember that both the father and the mother should be good examples to follow for the little ones, this means that the men must also assume the responsibility of being a mirror to look at. Read from time to time, agree with the couple to set some guidelines that everyone should follow, etc.

Damián Montero

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