The routine is not so bad

We started a new course with the recharged battery. It costs, but in reality our Ordinary work is what gives stability and cohesion to life, which means that, one day after another, we can get up and start again, with hope. Above all, thinking about the family.

Although we always have the same schedule, we should try to do "new" things, knowing how to see the friendly side of situations, letting ourselves be surprised by so many details that come to meet us. From a dawn, to the friendly face of our loved ones, the detail of our spouse ... It's about discovering those "divine brightness" in the most everyday situations.

And when I say work, I mean not only paid work, but any activity that entails a responsibility. And it can be the work of studying, the one of who stays taking care of their children, organizing everything and directing the family, the one of who goes to the office. All of them can be an opportunity for personal development and to provide a service to others. Very enriching, dedicated to the care of the family, although little valued in today's society.

Because in the family is where we learn to love. We need the experience of being loved without conditions; whatever happens. And ordinary life allows us to capture the love of a thousand forms in the day to day of our family. We can strive to love more and better, starting with our husband or wife, and following with our children. Because we are his models. According to how we want, what details we have, they will do it. They are watching us all day.

But loving unconditionally means separating the person from his behavior. That is to say, we will not want less because he has not behaved correctly, but we will make him notice that detail that has not been up to his level. Treating them better than they are encourages them to improve. This is teaching to love.

Because love is more a conviction and a commitment than a feeling. When the sentiment accompanies, the better; We take advantage of their strength and enjoy. If not, you have to put your will, have small details of affection so that the feeling resurfaces.

The affection has to be "cultivated" like a good gardener. If it is not watered, prunes, fertilizes ... it dries up in the end. Take care of the time of being together. Keep the illusion fresh also in everyday life.

If we think of the other first, we are right. Selfishness is the worst enemy of our relationship. And it ties us with a strong chain ... It robs us of freedom.

The important thing is that in our family everyone feels that unconditional love that allows us to value ourselves, be welcomed, and make us mature as people. Thus, we will lay the foundations for a healthy, happy and happy family that values ​​what is important, that knows how to love, despite the difficulties. We have a whole year to fight until we achieve it.

Mª José Calvo. Family doctor. Optimists Educating

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