Healthy nutrition to face the school year

The course has begun, it is time to put the batteries and give the best to succeed in the school year so that when it is over, there is no need to think about anything other than rest (without forgetting to keep certain review activities). But to achieve this mission forces are needed, some batteries that not only recharge in bed overnight, but at the table during the different meals of the day.

Nobody can deny the influence of a good feeding in the success or failure of the student in the school year. You have to take care of what you eat and when it's done. Because it is not only about monitoring the food that is put on the table, but the distribution of it throughout the day. These are some tips from the Spanish Association of Pediatrics.

The beginning of the day

To start the day nothing better than a good breakfast. The first meal of the day is very important and you should not skip it because of a lot of haste. The table should be present three groups basic dairy products, bread or cereals and fruit. These products will give the child the first protein and energy to face the school hours until the snack time.

Nor should you forget this rest at school. The recess should be used to recharge batteries in the form of a sandwich. Bread is the basis of these 'menus' and an important source of carbohydrates. It is at the base of the nutritional pyramid, so it is recommended to include it in our diet on a daily basis, especially when it is made with whole grain.

You should avoid accompanying these snacks with drinks sugary as juices with excess of this ingredient or other carbonated drinks. The best thing is a bottle of water to drink something while eating. You can also accompany this meal with a small piece of fruit, but remembering the limited time children have for this break and that a large meal can initiate a digestion that prevents proper care in the later hours.


After finishing school, the children arrive home and face the second most important meal of the day. At this time the students arrive hungry, so they can sit at the table and devour everything quickly. Parents should make sure they eat slowly and do not end the menu in five minutes. Television is also prohibited during these times.

The nutritionists of the AEP recommend remembering balance diet which include these food groups vegetables, starches (rice, potatoes or pasta) or bread and meat and fish. The best dessert is a piece of fruit or half a glass of natural juice so that with its vitamin C, iron is assimilated more efficiently. It should be noted that fruits in syrup can never replace the others on a regular basis as their high sugar content can have a negative influence.

Dinners and snacks

Snack is presented between lunch and dinner, a meal that is often overlooked but is essential. With her children recharge batteries in an afternoon that is usually not exempt from obligations due to extracurricular and the tasks that must be performed. Therefore, this habit should not be lost at home and ensure that children comply.

The snack menu has to be varied and never offer the same. Excessively caloric and high-fat foods should be limited. Food groups from the family of fruits, cereals and dairy products should be introduced at the table. A sandwich, a bowl of cereals or a glass of milk with fruit are usually quite recommendable options for these moments.

With the dinner closes the day of meals. This menu has to be lightweight, which is not lacking in nutrients. Light meals should be presented at the table to avoid heavy digestions that alter sleep schedules in the youngest children. A hot soup in winter or a fresh salad while keeping the heat, or as summer approaches so good options. Also try to include eggs or fish or meat, with a little vegetable as garnish.

Damián Montero

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