Duties and children, what parents can and should not do

Going back to school does not only mean going back to the classroom. It's time to resume many routines, from early risers to homework in the evenings. All this is incorporated into the daily life of the little ones, who in some occasions may need some help from their parents to achieve success in all these activities. Among all of them, the tasks may be those that most demand the attention of the parents.

However, in some cases adults may find that they end up doing these homework. Find the middle ground between helping and solving all the ballot taking their place in front of these responsibilities and assuming a role that falls to them.

Decalogue for parents: homework

How to find the Balance between one end and the other? How to support and help them learn? Since Kids Health this decalogue is offered to parents:

1. Know your child's teachers and what their goals are. Parents should try to attend school meetings, such as parents and teachers, to better understand their children's routines

2. Establish a suitable area to do homework. Make sure that a child has a well-lit place to do homework and that he has the necessary school supplies on hand.

3. Establish a regular schedule to study and do homework and to adapt to other routines.

4. Help design a work plan. On the days when he has a large volume of homework that exceeds or when he has to start a school task especially complicated or heavy, the father can give advice to organize.

5. Minimize distractions.

6. Make sure you do your own work. The student will not learn anything if he does not think for himself and makes his own mistakes. Parents can make suggestions and give directions to guide their children. But learning must be in the hands of children.

7. Motivate and supervise your child. Duties must be fulfilled and parents must ask about homework.

8. Set a good example. Without a reference, the child will lack a mirror in which to look to take note.

9. Praise your work and your effort. Nothing raises more the spirit to continue working than an applause to work well done.

10. If the problems with homework are maintained, you must ask for help. Nothing better for it than with the teacher. There are students who have problems to see the blackboard well and need to take it; others may need an evaluation for possible learning problems or an attention deficit disorder.

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