A study links academic success with the prevention of heart disease

Getting good grades has many benefits: student he acquires knowledge, more doors are opened for higher education levels, he is more likely to choose the career he wants, etc. But outside the academic field there are also many positive results, such as the prevention of future heart diseases.

The higher studies are not only related to a higher level of income, but a link between the academic success and a healthy heart. This is highlighted by the research by the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, the University College of London, and the University of Oxford in England.

Less risk of smoking

To analyze the association Between a high level of education and the risk of heart disease, the researchers examined 162 genetic variants linked to years of schooling in almost 544,000 men and women, most of them of European descent. With this genetic information, the researchers were able to discard some possible contributing factors as hereditary ailments.

The authors discovered that 3.6 years more in the education system education, time equivalent to a degree degree, results in a reduction of about one third in the risk of heart disease. Something that can be related in part to other practices.

Those who leave the school at an early age they are more likely to start smoking and drinking alcohol. Something that is linked to a greater likelihood of developing heart diseases in the future. However, the authors of the study advise taking these data with caution and wait for future studies that deepen this link.

Take care of the heart

Academic success is not the only way to maintain good heart health. The best option to prevent these ailments is to practice sports regularly, in fact something as simple as sweating 10 minutes The day already brings benefits to people as revealed by the study conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina.

In this investigation, the cases of almost 11,600 children from 4 to 18 years of age in the United States, Brazil and Europe. All of them underwent a questionnaire about the type of exercise they performed daily, at the same time they also underwent a medical examination in order to know what their heart health was. The results were clear: no matter how brief this sport was, his heart had very important benefits.

With just 10 minutes a day of activity intense, participants in the study had significant cardiac benefits. One of them is the reduction of abdominal fat in young people and higher levels of insulin in the blood. Results that made them less likely to develop heart problems in the future and metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.

Some results that should serve to encourage new generations to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, even if only for a few minutes in the day. Exercise is very important to ensure good health and avoid future health problems in adult life. These researchers point out that perhaps the child does not suffer at the time the consequences of remaining seated, but that his future self will inevitably pay this debt.

Damián Montero

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