One third of workers will suffer post-holiday syndrome

Summer will end in mid-September. But before the summer season ends, many adults will have already returned to their jobs. A situation that can generate a lot of stress in the parents, a situation that is known as the so feared 'postvacational syndrome', that feeling of stress that appears before the idea of ​​saying goodbye to rest and hello to work responsibilities.

In fact, as indicated from Adecco, at least one third of the workers in Spain will suffer postvacational syndrome. What supposes that the adult goes through a picture of stress and fatigue that is usually linked to a bad adaptation to routine and order after the days of rest and lacking responsibilities that have marked the course of the summer.

Frustration and changes

Experts point out that although there is no concrete profile of employee susceptible to suffer post-holiday syndrome, there are factors that help understand the origin of this stress:

- Low tolerance for change. Employees with a lower tolerance for frustration are the most susceptible to suffer post-holiday syndrome. The change of situation that occurs at the end of the holidays and in which "normality" is recovered is more complex for those who do not know how to manage these situations.

- Duration of vacations. Workers who live long vacation periods have more difficulty returning to the routine because they have become accustomed to a situation of constant relaxation and suddenly break with it.

Those who go through the post-holiday syndrome not only suffer them. The father is the base of the family, if they go through this situation, the home will notice. Therefore, everything possible must be done to keep this situation in check. In fact, there are ways to ensure that this stress does not affect those who have to live the return to the job after this period of rest.

For example, those people who are used to going to bed and getting up late during the holidays, can return to the routine of dream usual in the days before the return of work, a gradual adaptation. As the end of this period approaches, it is recommended to go to bed every day a little earlier and do the same at the time of waking up. In this way, the body will not notice such a sudden change.

It is also preferable not to return from vacation the day before returning to work. It is best to do it a few days before so that the employee can get used to his or her usual environment and have enough time to resume their daily activity. But what is most recommended is a positive attitude, without thinking that work is a burden.

And if the post-holiday syndrome is already present

However much it is prevented, the post-vaccination syndrome may also appear. Those who suffer from it manifest symptoms such as apathy, fatigue, lack of energy and difficulty concentrating on work. Other common features in these workers are sleep disorders, excessive nervousness, stress and a feeling of sadness. In some cases, anxiety attacks, headaches and general discomfort.

If some of these symptoms occur, you have to begin to work to solve the situation and prevent the home from being influenced by this context. Among the most effective tricks are waking up a little earlier than usual to go to the workplace. Although a priori may seem counterproductive, having more time in the morning helps to face the day without haste and without hassles.

Damián Montero

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