Oxford notebooks: prepare the return to school with its new range of products

A new school year begins and all the families finalize their preparations for the return to the school of the children. Apart from books, it is increasingly important to create a list of quality school materials such as notebooks, notebooks, diaries, notebooks and spare parts that facilitate work for children and support the student in their studies.

These products suppose a fundamental support in the success of the student, reason why it is necessary to look for the quality in these articles like the one that we found in the notebooks Oxford, that are positioned another year as your ally in the return to school. His articles return to make the life of the student easier with his new range of products that are an instrument of personal and educational development for the student.

The power in your hands

Many are the instruments that are needed in the return to school, from textbooks, to pencils, diaries, notebooks, and notebooks where to turn over the knowledge that is acquired. The brand Oxford he knows this need of the students and offers a wide range of notebooks where the quality of the paper prevails.

A Oxford notebook It provides an adequate tool to study with good materials. The sheets of these notebooks are formed by an exclusive paper of high quality that stands out for its satin, whiteness, opacity and grammage. The covers of these notebooks stand out for being resistant, plasticized or plastic, and have a spiral with safety closure to prevent injuries and wear of the backpack.

More than notebooks

The Oxford brand not only offers the user some notebooks with quality paper. Thanks to its covers and the colors of the sheets, the student can assign a chromatic variety to each subject or project. A good option to be able to structure the content to be studied that will make academic success easier.

Along with its line of notebooks, the Oxford brand also offers an interesting application to make the most of new technologies. With Scribzee, students can scan the notes, save them at their terminals and remotely access them at any time. A way to save space and to share these contents with friends.

The Oxford range

Thinking about going back to school, Oxford offers materials for all students in all stages of school. Depending on the needs of each course and the different subjects Oxford Notebooks offers a wide range of articles with different characteristics and benefits depending on what is being looked for in each case:

- School Range, Floral, Black n'Colours. They are ranges adapted to each one of the educational levels of the student, from the Primary to the university. Outside of the educational environment, to take notes in the day to day of the professionals, Oxford presents ranges such as Office, My Style, Black n'Red or Signature. Its different products are an instrument so that nobody forget anything and everything is recorded.

- Stapled notebook, from the School Range. Ideal for the initiation. A very resistant article over time and that is perfect for the little ones to begin to enjoy the pleasure of writing. Their materials are also recommended for those who tighten the pencil or pen more strongly against paper. It is also ideal for those who use liquid ink as the material in this notebook prevents it from penetrating the pages of the notebook thanks to the satin, whiteness, opacity and grammage of the same.

- Notebooks or spiral notebooks of the Gama School. This product is maintained in good condition throughout the course thanks to its resistant, plasticized covers, its spiral with safety closure, sharp scratches and blunt edges in the plastic lids to avoid tearing. Ideal to endure the trot of any student with desire for adventure and to go from here to there.

- Europeanbooks. We find a variety of colors of covers and sheets (in europeanbooks or color refills). Ideal to organize and quickly detect the content you want to consult, or what notebook should be used the next day when organizing the school backpack.

- Scribzee. Free application that transcends paper to the screen of smartphones and tablets. Thanks to it, the students will be able to keep a backup copy of their notes in these terminals and share them with the rest of their classmates in case any of the content was lost. It also offers an organization that allows you to quickly locate what you are looking for.

Oxford notebooks have a format for each need, for each age, for each course, for each subject and for each case. Confidence in the quality of this material is a guarantee of success because it is very easy for the student to organize. This course we also chose Oxford to study and take note.

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