First day of kindergarten, how to prepare the child

The return to school in some cases is the beginning in the same center. There are children who face their first day in these types of places, which for many parents means their first preparation for this moment. What should the child carry in these cases? How should they be prepared? Something that can be especially distressing in cases of parents who bet on taking their children to children's schools.

The age of these children makes their needs different, as do their circumstances. Although these centers have qualified staff to help them, parents from home can facilitate this process and make the child can adapt as quickly as possible to this new environment where he will learn so much.


Summer is a time of rest and this leads to an alteration of schedules that makes many children wake up late. Something that happens more frequently in those minors of age to go to a children's school. The first step is to discover, or remind them, what it means to get up early. It is better that a few days before the start of the course, the alarm clock should be set so that the bad mood of leaving the bed at this time is not so great.

Regarding clothing and other items, parents should remember that children of these ages have needs that do not present those of other ages. For example at this stage it is possible that some of these minors have not left the diaper, so many monitors may have to change it throughout the day in the nursery.

For this reason it is advisable to dress the child with more comfortable clothes and easy to remove in case this change should be made. Some clothes like breastplates are not recommended for this purpose. It is worth adding some changes in the backpack of the student that uses the diaper of the same characteristics to which the child is accustomed.

Attachment objects

The boy says goodbye to his parents to pass several hours in a place that is foreign to unknown children. No wonder you can be saddened by this idea and cry during the adaptation stage. How to get the opposite? It is advisable to let them carry an object to which they have attachment, such as a teddy bear or a shirt that they trust and that reminds them of their family environment.

It is also recommended label the objects that the children carry, both toys and shoes. Some games may need students to take off their shoes, then it is a real hassle to find what corresponds to each child and at the end of the school the children have been able to miss more objects than one would like.

Finally, it is advisable to always talk to the monitors and other children's school staff. Find out about the activities planned to adapt the child's backpack to these needs. If there is doubt about what a student of these centers should employ, nothing better than to ask the people in charge of the center not to fail when it comes to equipping their children.

Damián Montero

Video: Preparing Your Anxious Child for the First Day of Kindergarten

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