Post-holiday stress in children, how to help overcome it

The holidays are ending and they do it for everything. The smallest of the house must also face the final of this period of rest and face the idea of ​​returning to the school routine and any obligation related to it. Something that, although necessary, costs to assume. Going from fun to early mornings and sitting at the desk is something that can overwhelm them.

It is not surprising therefore that the post-holiday stress can affect the smallest of the house. An issue that is capable of causing a bad start of the school year, which can affect the grades and academic success of children. For this reason it is important to take advantage of these days and the first days of school to minimize these effects.

Be something 'permissive'

The return to school translates as 'return to obligations'. The children they must obey rules, adjust to schedules and so much coercion can make children overwhelmed by not having freedom. For this reason, it is necessary to be permissive up to a certain point so as not to overwhelm the little ones, as they recommend from the University of Kansas.

"Every time the children they can decide, they feel free ", explains Professor Lori Levin, who adds that offering different options, such as what to wear what they want the sandwich for," helps the students to have the feeling of being owners of the preparation process for the school. "An example is to give several options for this meal, recommended and nutritious, at recess and they are the ones who choose.

In relation to food, do not forget breakfast. To sustain a lot of hours at school, you need energy and this food provides the nutrients needed to hold up to the snack sandwich. Sitting at the table at these times can be the difference between attending the lesson or feeling overwhelmed by these early morning lessons.

Rest is also very important. Lack of sleep can cause a feeling of fatigue in the child that makes him unable to attend school. A stressful feeling for the little ones. For this, nothing better than sleeping hours recommended by experts. Taking advantage of the last flurries of summer to readjust these schedules in the smallest is a good start.

Talk with the children

Many times the stress is not caused by the return to the routine but for something that the students have found in school and that overwhelms them. A new agenda that seems more difficult, a change of center where they do not have many friends, a teacher who may seem too demanding, start of a new school year. To know if this overwhelms the children, nothing better than talking to them.

At the end of each day you should take advantage of dinner or the moments after her to share experiences with the little ones. They can be given as an example occasions in which the work has also caused similar feelings in the parents. A good way to make them understand that these moments are normal in all and that although it costs to believe it, there is a solution.

Damián Montero

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