The dangers of physical inactivity

It is well known for all the benefits offered by an active life at a more rapid pace sedentary. The first of them ensures good health while the second increases the chances of suffering from obesity, heart disease, etc. On these risks they have wanted to alert from the Fundación España Activa and the Sports Studies Center of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Both entities have presented I Report of the Active and Healthy Living Observatory. Sedentary Thermometer in Spain. A job that alerts you to the health risks of people who choose to spend more time on the sofa and screens than on the streets and exercise. A lifestyle that is very detrimental to the development of the little ones.

No exercise

The data that is offered in this report is quite worrisome. Two out of every three Spaniards spend between 2 and 6 and a half hours sitting. The sedentary lifestyle becomes its main activity, leaving aside the exercise. No other country in the European Union presents similar figures. In addition, those responsible say that these numbers could grow in the future.

As those responsible for this work indicate, these figures have continued to grow in recent years, with an estimate that this percentage will continue to grow in the future, from the 36% of the population observed in the 2014 European Survey, up to approximately 38.2% of the population at the end of the year 2025.

And what are the consequences of sedentary lifestyle? Currently, physical inactivity is related to 13.4% of the deaths that are collected annually in Spain. This means that the lack of exercise is responsible for 52,000 deaths in this country. Some data that warn about the danger of staying too long on the couch instead of going outside to move.

Start exercising

Moving from sedentary to activity is necessary, but it can also involve hard work for the people. You have to go step by step and achieve daily goals, you should not try to reach the top:

1. Choose your sport. The question is: what do you like the most? Individual exercise, collective classes, group sports. We must also take into account the time that can be devoted and the objectives, physical form at that time and age.

2. Catch up. Currently, there are new activities designed for all types of public, alone or together with the family.

3. Dosage. You have to start small and give time to the body and mind to get used to the new routine. The aches and pains will appear and the feeling of tiredness may cause one to rethink, but it is all a question of patience.

4. Take care of the diet. The body will need a balanced diet that provides enough energy for the new demands of the body.

5. Short-term goals. The relationship with the sport must be lasting so that it can report benefits. Short-term goals help maintain the illusion of the first day until exercise becomes a routine and is part of your life.

6. Integrate sport in your life and in that of the family. Walking or a bike ride are simple practices that can complement more intense activities and in which you can also participate as a family.

7. Attend to the organism. You have to attend to the needs of the body and take a short break when you feel tired or fatigued excessively. Do not force the machine.

8. Take care of the equipment. Suitable footwear, comfortable and breathable clothing, you have to equip yourself with the necessary activity to perform.

Damián Montero

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