Errors that new parents can avoid

Having a child is one of the most wonderful experiences a person can go through. But when the child arrives in this world nobody gives a manual of instructions on what one should do or not. When the second small arrives, everything is easier thanks to what has been learned in the previous childbirth. But what happens when you are a father for the first time?

There is much to learn and in a short time. For advance This knowledge, the midwife Sara Cañamero proposes several errors that should be avoided in the first time parents and that do not enjoy all that is due to the experience of paternity.

Do not isolate yourself from the world

Many parents see the world as a constant danger for the little ones. For this reason, they choose to isolate their son from him until he is older. But this is a mistake, if you are careful, there is nothing to fear. In fact it is highly recommended to go for a walk with the child, ensuring of course certain safety measures that prevent constipation or exposure to the sun.

The overprotection of babies is something very habitual in first-time parents. There is a belief that the newborn is extremely vulnerable and scares to catch it. But you have to apply common sense always, knowing that having the child in your arms has not cause any harm. You just have to take care in these moments with the baby, but never deprive him of skin-to-skin contact.

Another error pointed out by Cañamero is to lend too much attention to third parties. It is one thing to accept some advice from other parents and another to go crazy with it. The parents who surround the first-timers can get overwhelmed with their recommendations, but you have to know how to say enough. If there are doubts, it is better to go to a pediatrician than to someone who is not a specialist because the problem could grow.

Concern for the welfare of the baby

The mission of every parent is to ensure the wellness of your child, especially when you are as vulnerable as a newborn. At this point parents can become desperate when they see the little ones cry. Will it be hungry, will it be sleepy, will it have to be changed? Will something more serious happen to you? But you have to stay calm during these times and discard possible causes: dirty diaper, heat, cold, hunger, gut pain, boredom, etc.

Another aspect that worries Many parents are fever in their children. When they see some tenths they go to the emergency room to have their babies checked. Keep in mind that fever is considered a temperature above 38 °. Unless there are other symptoms such as paleness, vomiting and lack of response to external stimuli, we must remain calm when we appreciate the tenths in the newborn. If it is prolonged in time, it would be necessary to request an appointment with the pediatrician.

Finally, Cañamero reminds us not to confuse threw up with regurgitation. The latter occurs frequently when you have finished eating. It occurs without effort, you may not even realize it. Many times it is due to possible gases that the baby has swallowed during the intake and when removing part of the ingested milk goes out.

On the other hand, vomiting is always accompanied by certain discomfort by the baby, and it does not have to be related to the intake. With what we can say that regurgitation is normal and frequent in the newborn, while vomiting is not.

Damián Montero


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