Your skin in summer, why do you need extra attention?

The care of our skin is important throughout the year, but above all, in summer we should pay more attention. At this time of year, the sun's rays, chlorine from the pool, salt from the sea or sweat negatively affect the dermis.

So that these aspects do not affect the health of our skin, more specific care must be taken. Carmen Diaz, expert in beauty and director of Germaine Goya, says that "to avoid that these aspects are harmful to the health of our skin is necessary to pay special attention to hydration, sun protection and the contribution of vitamins and minerals."

Hydration, a fundamental habit for the beauty of the skin

Everyone is aware of the need for the skin to be hydrated daily. This becomes even more important in the summer period, since due to the exposure of external agents it tends to dry up and, therefore, to lose its elasticity. "You have to hydrate the skin even if you do not see it necessary, using moisturizer will help to safeguard it, promoting its natural resistance," advises beauty expert Carmen Díaz.

Drinking between 2 and 4 liters of water daily is essential to keep it healthy, but it is also essential to supplement it with some active hydration treatment, as it will provide an extra benefit.

Basic rule: use protection

Combating the harmful effects of the sun becomes the continuous struggle of the summer days. It is an indispensable habit of which society has to be increasingly aware.

The skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays and this results in an alteration of its cells that immediately produce changes in its growth and appearance. This exposure reduces the elasticity of the skin, while aging it.

To prevent the effects of the sun from harming the dermis and its tissue, it is important that, together with the daily care it already receives, one more should be incorporated: sun protection. Its benefits are not only limited to avoid burns, but to moisturize the skin, prevent aging and the appearance of spots as well as prevent the onset of cancer.

A plus: provide an extra of vitamins and antioxidants

Recover after a long sun exposure and control the possible spots on the skin, as well as hydrate and increase the production of collagen, are some of the aspects that must be especially attentive in summer. Carmen Díaz advises incorporating treatments that provide the skin with extra vitamins and antioxidants in summer, such as creams rich in Vitamin C or containing anti-aging ingredients.

These elements will give the skin a basic and essential contribution in summer to keep it healthy and beautiful. The properties of the different vitamins and antioxidants help the regeneration of the dermis, in addition to providing elasticity, hydration or luminosity among others.

Carmen Díaz. Director of the Germaine Goya center, Germaine de Capuccini center in Madrid.

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