Meteorosensitivity and its influence on mood during the summer

Summer brings many things: vacations, trips, meals at the beach bar, days at the pool, but especially a change in temperatures. Mercury rises, the hot It takes our day to day and this may end up influencing our mood, more in people presenting in people meteosensitive. Some individuals that suffer more than the rest with these alterations.

Usually people with meteorosensitivity may experience a change of mood because of the high temperatures of the summer. Something that can alter the good atmosphere in the home and give rise to discussions. A good reason to try to prevent the effects of mercury on the personality of family members and get a perfect vacation.

At any age

Usually we have the image of an elderly person complaining about the discomfort caused by changes in temperature. However, as explained from the La Palama hospital, the meteorosensibility can appear at any age. In fact, more than half of the Spanish population is influenced by alterations in mercury that appear throughout the year, from the cold of winter to the summer heat.

Although it is not known what causes meteorosensitivity in people, its effects on these people are well known. individuals. The body sends signals to bones and muscles warning of an upcoming change in time. For this reason, the metereosensible people suffer headaches, discomfort in scars of wounds or operations, joint pains. It can also appear a bad mood derived from these physical discomforts or caused by the change in temperatures.

In some cases, the meteoreensitive people may be more aggressive and irritable in any situation everyday. It is even possible to experience a depression during the summer period, contexts that can annoy the holiday period in some families that because of these problems are immersed in a context of constant discussion.

Avoid these problems

In order to avoid that the heat ends up ruining the family vacations due to these alterations in the mood, the specialists recommend following these tips to prevent these problems:

- Take care of the temperature of the home. If the heat alters the mood, it is best to ensure a temperature around 22ºC at home. This will help the air conditioning equipment and the use of fans, as well as constant hydration.

- Sleep adequate hours. The lack of sleep can increase the bad mood in the metereosensible people, it is recommended to rest the hours recommended by the experts to avoid this increase.

- Care of food. Just like lack of sleep, a heavy digestion can also alter mood. In the case of meteoreensitive people it can also influence their mood. A diet adjusted to the advice of nutritionists will avoid this problem.

- Tolerance. These mood swings are not free, they are caused by a problem in the person. Family members should respect this aspect and not get angry with these individuals and leave their space to calm down when they show signs of meteoreensitivity.

Damián Montero

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