Keys to planning your car trips

If we travel with children and seniors it is very important to plan the trip. Although it is not the first time we do the planned route or we have a navigator, it is very convenient to make a forecast of the places where we can stop, what services we have, both refuel our car or serve people and especially children and adults. Not only the driver must rest, also the rest of passengers, do some exercise and especially hydrate.

It is also advisable to bring some type of entertainment for the children. If we travel with our pets, keep in mind that, in addition to seeking comfort and safety, you must comply with some mandatory rules for each type of pet.

One of the most common mistakes in the holiday trip is overloading the car with too much luggage. The basic principle is that all the luggage is inside the trunk, that we do not carry loose packages in the passenger compartment, which can be a danger in the event of an accident or a sudden maneuver. Consider the possibility of sending part of your luggage through a transport company.

Finally, the tips for passengers and the driver. This must be put on the wheel rested, with its documentation the rule and without having consumed alcohol or contraindicated medications. Passengers travel with comfortable clothes and wear all seat belts.

Video: 7 Keys to Planning the Perfect Family Road Trip.

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