Exercise in pregnancy to prevent cesarean section

Pregnancy is a stage that deserves all possible attention from the mother, and the father, in order to avoid situations of risk that may alter pregnancy. Many aspects must be taken care of, from diet, to day-to-day activities. An example is the exercise that women can practice to take advantage of the benefits of this physical activity in this process.

This is indicated by the study carried out by Queen's Mary University, in London, which has established a relationship between the exercise that practices the pregnant woman and the prevention of caesarean section. A physical activity adapted to the circumstances of the woman and that, of course, should be complemented by a good diet, which also helps to prevent gestational diabetes.

Importance of lifestyle

Exercise and balanced diet, these are the points proposed by those responsible for this study to pregnant women in order to prevent possible problems during pregnancy. To demonstrate these benefits, the researchers reviewed 36 other works where data from more than 12,500 women and their habits during the gestation process.

The results of this review indicated that women who had exercised during pregnancy presented a 10% less of possibilities of going through cesarean section. In the case of gestational diabetes, the chances of development by the future mother were reduced by 24%. Number that improved in those situations where women also took care of their food.

"According to the evidence found to date, a healthy diet and moderate physical activity in pregnancy reduce the risk of weight gain and that benefit is actually affordable for any woman pregnant, regardless of the body weight you have, "explains Shakila Thangaratinam, the lead author of this study.

Exercises during pregnancy

As explained by Dr. Thangaratinam, the different situations that the mother can go through during pregnancy makes it difficult to define what is a correct exercise for each case. These studies collected data on pregnant women who had completed activities such as exercise bikes, swimming, dancing and practicing toning exercises.

Those responsible for this research suggest a total of 150 minutes of moderate activity per week, including aerobic exercise and two sessions of muscle strengthening. Regarding diets, experts recommend including more fiber, fish and olive oil. Of course, taking sugary drinks is advised to reduce as much as possible, the water should replace them.

Benefits for the baby

Not only do mothers benefit from sports during pregnancy, babies also pick up positive effects from these activities. This is what the study published by the researchers of Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences who maintains that the fetus strengthens his heart thanks to these practices on the part of the mother, avoiding future problems.

That a baby has a stronger heart translates, among other things, into less suffering during childbirth, reduction of tachycardias and a better health.

Although the exact cause for which the fetus receives the benefits of maternal exercise is still unknown, the aforementioned study suggests that the hormones secreted after practicing sports (the endorphins), they would transfer the placenta during physical activity, favoring the development of the baby's heart.

Damián Montero

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