How to talk about drugs with children according to their age

Educating a child is basic, but not easy at all. This process involves talking about many issues and dealing with them as thorny issues as drug. But do not let yourself be overcome because of how delicate these issues are. You should warn them of the smallest ones in the house to prevent future addictions. Although you have to know how to do it according to age.

Since Kids Health there are a series of guidelines to be able to talk about drug with the little ones without frightening them. An optimal formula with which not to skip these talks and get them to avoid falling into the consumption of these products in the future. Techniques that take into account the intellectual capacity of the youngest and that aim to make the young person reflect on the damages of its use.

Preschool stage

Perhaps at this stage parents feel more afraid when dealing with these issues with their children given their low age and the thought that it is not something that concerns them. However, at this time you can take advantage of other elements to get this talk. An example is to see a character from TV smoking and highlighting the dangers of these items, especially in the smallest.

Following the example of tobacco, parents can talk about elements such as nicotine that make one unable to stop using these articles. Something that will make them sick and that are harmful to health. It is important to take care of the tone since it could create a sense of fear in them, so it is also advisable to use terms that a child of this age understands.


In stages, it is easier to approach this topic with a child. Surely in the school they have already dealt with this subject through talks with experts. The mission of the parents in this aspect is to talk calmly with the children so that they tell what they have learned in these workshops and try to make them think over the matter. That is, feed your critical spirit.

The conversations in these ages are very important and we must not avoid them. Open this channel of dialogue allows adolescence to arrive, a much more rebellious stage in children, there are fewer walls to tear down and can talk without any clout about these issues. Parents should show that they are interested in what the little ones feel and suffer.

A warm family atmosphere, warm and open, where children can talk about their feelings, where they praise their achievements and where their self-esteem is nurtured, favors children to share their own doubts and concerns. When a young person meets walls In your own home, seek support and answers to your questions in others.


It is in these ages where there is the greatest danger because in adolescence it is where a person is most exposed to the consumption of these substances. It is very likely that children already know other boys and girls who consume alcohol, tobacco and even drugs such as cannabis. This issue may cause the young person to feel the need to ask questions about the subject.

If a good climate of prior conversation has been created, the children will talk with the parents about these issues without fear. On these occasions parents should emphasize the dangers of tobacco, alcohol or drug use. You also have to immerse yourself in more serious aspects such as Legal issues: pay fines or even go to jail in the not too distant future because of these attitudes.

It is also necessary to make clear a series of rules that indicate that under no circumstances will the consumption of these substances be tolerated. Impose punishments in case of detecting that the adolescent has smoked or drunk alcohol and reward positive attitudes to reinforce them. Always raising the critical spirit so that it is the son who deduces the motive that has led to his punishment.

Damián Montero

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