7 tips to protect your eyes in summer

Summer causes havoc on the skin and hair, but also on the eyes. And it is that sun exposure on the beach and in the pool, chlorine and sea salt, air conditioners ... increase the risk of discomfort and eye diseases. Thus, as revealed by a study by the General Council of Optometrists of Spain, eye problems increase by 25% during the summer months, can cause great damage to the health of those affected.

Although solar radiation provides beneficial effects for life, if we do not protect ourselves properly, it can have harmful effects for our eyes and our skin causing damage, some irreversible, and cumulatively.

The effect of solar radiation on eye health

Did you know that 54% of the radiation that reaches the Earth is Infrared? This radiation has a heat effect that causes collagen loss and appearance of wrinkles in the skin, especially around the eyes. But also, in view, the infrared causes eye dryness, accelerates cataracts and reaches the retina, which can cause its degeneration, depigmentation, burns or microlesions.

However, in addition to infrared radiation, the sun emits two other types of radiation: visible light and UV radiation. The visible light allows us to see and we can attenuate it with some solar glasses. But prolonged exposure to UV radiation, without adequate protection can cause alterations in the eyes and skin, in the cornea, in the lens and on the eyelid, both in the short and long term. The ozone layer filters some of these radiations (UVC) and the rest (UVB and UVA) reach the eye. UV radiation is known for its photo-toxicity, and is capable of causing harmful and irreversible effects on the eyes in a short time.

Externally, they can cause inflammation of the anterior segment (uveitis, conjunctivitis, keratitis), pinguelecles, pterygium, desquamation of the endothelium. In the skin of the eye contour they also cause erythema, that is, reddening of the skin of the eyelids, as well as in the rest of the skin exposed to UV radiation. These radiations also reach the lens, where they can cause opacities, which cause cataracts.

"It is advisable to protect our eyes at all times of the year, but especially in summer, whether in the city, on the beach or in the mountains, solar radiation is more incisive during this period, which usually resects the eye and causes itching. , burning, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and grittiness in the eye, "explains María Carmen Serrano, Optical Optician at Bluenty.com.

7 tips to take care of your eyes in summer

To take care of your eyes in summer, start up these seven simple tips so that solar radiation only benefits you:

1. Bring quality sunglasses: They will be the best company during this vacation. Although most people wear them, we must do even more when we expose ourselves to the sun for several hours. In addition, we must bear in mind that sunglasses should be purchased in recognized lenses and not in fashion stores, as some are just a nice design and can seriously damage our eyes. Remember, the most important thing about glasses is what you do not see, and it's in your glasses.

2. Protect your eyes also in the water: the pools are an important focus of irritations and eye infections. Chlorine irritates the conjunctiva of the eye, giving rise to keratoconjunctivitis; while on the beach salt can cause irritations. It is important that you wear swimming goggles or diving goggles to protect your eyes from chlorine, sea salt and bacteria or fungi that may be present in the water. You should also avoid swimming with the contact lenses on.

3. Avoid eye dryness: prolonged use of air conditioning increases the incidence of "dry eye syndrome", so that artificial tears can be useful in certain cases as they refresh and calm mild eye discomfort. Also remember to keep the air conditioning temperature between 21 and 26 degrees and if you wear contact lenses, keep them clean and remember not to wear them for more than 10 hours at a time.

4. Bet on polarized glasses for the beach and the mountains: in these two destinations it is interesting to opt for polarized glasses, lenses that have a special filter that blocks the reflected light and allow a vision without reflections and with natural colors and contrasts. This type of glasses will offer you total protection against ultraviolet rays that will reduce eye fatigue.

5. Your smartphone is also a danger: we must take special care with the blue light that comes from the mobile terminals, which directly affects the retina and causes eye fatigue or even redness of the eyes.Therefore, opting for blue light filter glasses, which suppress around 20% of the short wavelengths of the visible spectrum, will improve comfort while using these devices.

6. Feed your eyes well: excesses are part of summer, but feeding ourselves properly is crucial for our whole body, including our eyes. Nutrition professionals recommend having a diet rich in vitamins A, E and C and antioxidants to improve our vision. To protect us from dry eye syndrome, Omega-3 fatty acids help.

7. Wash your hands often: If we rub our eyes with dirty hands it is easy to acquire an infection. This is especially important in children, since their games often involve the handling of contaminated substances, including beach sand. Therefore, washing our hands continuously will make our eyes healthier.

Marisol Nuevo Espín
Advice:María Carmen Serrano, Optical Optician from Bluenty.com

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