The Top 10 of summer cholesterol

The good weather of summer invites us to eat more outside the house, to relax our eating habits and to enjoy some pleasures typical of coastal places such as chiringuitos, where we find what we like the most: fried foods, snacks or snacks, that multiply throughout the day, soft drinks, ice cream and sauces, among others.

This whole festival of food and drink, own food of the summer, multiplies the quantities of food that we normally eat and increases the consumption of animal and saturated fats. According to the Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC) warns, "fried beach bar, beach snack or ice cream are some of the habits we must avoid this summer to keep cholesterol at bay."

The Top 10 of high cholesterol in summer

1. The breakfast buffet: Hotel breakfasts are the ultimate temptation of summer. Fried eggs with bacon, croissants, cakes, toast with butter or cocoa butter are the most appetizing foods when we have breakfast outside the house. Some products that contain a high content of saturated fats; For example, a plate of fried eggs with bacon gives us about 1073 calories, which exceeds the daily consumption recommended by the WHO by 20% (30%).

2. The sandwich of the beach: According to a study prepared by CEOPAN, companies in the bread sector, 69% of Spaniards usually eat sandwiches during our beach, pool or tourist visits. Pâté, sausage or cheese sandwiches are the easy and quick option, and they also become the option with the highest amount of saturated fatty acids.

3. Sunday's barbecue: chorizo, chistorra, bacon, blood sausage or lamb rib are classics that can not be missed in any summer barbecue. The amount of saturated fats and cholesterol that these foods contain invite you to replace them with less caloric meats such as chicken or rabbit.

4. The bag of caloric snacks: According to a study carried out by AINIAFORWARD, 86% of Spaniards buy snacks several times a week. Exposure to the sun prompts us to snack between unhealthy snacks such as chips, which contain a lot of hydrogenated fats and sugar.

5. Ice cream: ice cream made from milk, cream and butter contain a lot of saturated fats, due to its dairy base. On average, one scoop of ice cream contains 7g of saturated fat, almost half the recommended daily amount (16g) per American Heart Association (AHA). Consume them, but in moderation.

6. The refreshment: the consumption of sugary drinks such as soft drinks increase the risk of high cholesterol by 9%, according to a study carried out by Predimed (Prevention with Mediterranean Diet). The best option is to dispense with this drink.

7. The fried beach bar: Even though flour and oil do not have saturated fats, this changes when we fry them. When the flour comes in contact with the oil, it passes into the food becoming a food with carbohydrates and fats.

8. The sauce: sauces made with animal fat such as cheese, cream, egg or bacon contain a high content of saturated fatty acids and, in many cases, exceed the WHO's daily recommendation (10%).

9. Pre-cooked foods: With the heat, we spend less time in the kitchen preparing meals. The most comfortable option is to opt for some dumplings, pizzas or pre-cooked croquettes, but not the healthiest. These precooked dishes contain an excess of fat, so if you have high cholesterol, it is best to opt for the homemade version.

10. The industrial bakery: industrial muffins, palms, buns or sobaos contain a large amount of hydrogenated fats that reduce HDL or "good" cholesterol levels and increase the synthesis of LDL or "bad" cholesterol. Therefore, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) limits the consumption of industrial bakery to once a week.

Elena Fuentes
Advice: Spanish Heart Foundation (FEC). DIMEFAR.

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