6 tricks to keep your vacation apartment clean effortlessly

Many families choose to rent an apartment to spend their summer holidays and enjoy long journeys away from home, from the beach or the countryside, from terraces to chat with friends, from long walks in the city ... During these days vacation , it is convenient to be very practical to organize household chores as a family and not spend more hours than necessary to keep our rented apartment clean.

6 tricks to keep cleaning effortless

The saying goes that it is not cleaner who cleans, but he who does not dirty. For this reason, it is advisable to keep clear rules in mind to keep the house clean and in order and to be as unconcerned as possible during the summer holidays. For keep your vacation apartment clean without dedicating too much time and effort to cleaning, follow these tips:

1. Use the doormat. Going in and out all day from home is very easy to drag dust, lint and garbage from the outside to the interior of the home, so it is very important to clean the shoes on the doormat before going in, did you know that the doormat can pick up a 85% of the dirt that you bring from outside?

2. Limit the entry of dust as much as possible. With the heat tend to open the windows wide, it is wonderful to take advantage of the light and air that come from the outside, but also comes much more dust. For this we must take into account two recommendations:

to. Remove dust from furniture more frequently and wait a few minutes before cleaning the floor, this will prevent the dust that was in the furniture from falling on the floor after cleaning.

b. Do not underestimate the importance of curtains: In addition to giving privacy to the home, when the windows are opened wide they help to stop the entrance of dust. A trick for when you wash them: hanging them still wet, this way they will stay perfect and stretched, and also leave an incredible clean smell throughout the home.

3. Wash clothes thoroughly. When it gets hotter, you tend to sweat more and your clothes stain faster. It is important to wash those clothes well, both your own and bed and bath, so you do not have a bad smell and so that there are no yellow spots that will make the garment look ugly and aged. A trick to help eliminate the sweat smell of clothes is to wash it with a little vinegar.

4. Cleaning disinfectant. In summer, it is not necessary to be always cleaning, but to do a deeper cleaning in the kitchen and bathroom, places where germs and bacteria can proliferate thanks to heat and humidity. For this, there is a disinfectant product used in the final finish.

5. Avoid getting sand. After enjoying the beach, it will be very important to have a minimum of care to try to reduce the entrance of sand to the home as it will be more complicated to remove it later. The first thing is to take a shower on the beach or in the swimming pool before going up, and if it is not possible to clean very well the sand that is brought on the head, body and flip flops with the towel used on the beach. When the body is well cleaned, you have to shake the towel outdoors. Once inside the house, you should quickly go to the shower and clean the swimsuits in order to remove the salt residues so they do not spoil. As a final trick, when washing the towels, if left overnight in water and salt when washed the next day will not be rough.

6. Aromatize your home. Once the house is clean and collected, you can put a few drops of lemon essence in the bulbs of the house. When you turn on the bulbs they will heat up and give off a fresh scent of lemon.

Keeping clear cleaning routines can save a lot of time throughout the week what can be used to go to the pool and the beach, to eat out, or spend time with friends and family.

Advice: BISSELL team

Video: How To Clean Your Room Fast + Cleaning Hacks & Organisations Tips + Tricks.

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