The dangers for healthy summer food

Ice cream, barbecues, meals at the beach bar ... Summer offers people an opportunity to enjoy different foods that mark this summer season. However, being on vacation does not mean that you have to forget about maintaining a good diet. In fact, this time alters the nutrition of people as indicated by the study carried out by Aora Health.

According to this work where they have participated more than 300 people, more than half of the Spaniards modify their diet in summer vacations. Something that translates into a gain in weight that is difficult to reduce after the summer period. However, it should be remembered that the fact of being in a period of leisure, we must not leave aside good nutrition.

Ice cream, summer star

The data of this work indicate that the 54% of Spaniards Modify your diet during the summer. That is to say, if he habitually consumes a balanced menu, during the summer period he consumes other types of food such as ice cream, sweets, sugary soft drinks, and makes greater use of precooked dishes. They also increase outings to restaurants and other establishments instead of staying at home.

Almost 36% of the respondents revealed that ice cream and sweets increased in their home. This product becomes one of the summer stars, although it is usually one of the foods with the highest sugar levels and that can alter the weight of those who consume it the most. Soft drinks also grow during the summer period.

Around 23% of families in Spain recognize that during the summer they drink more sugary drinks and beer, in the case of adults. Of course, a figure close to 37% says that in these summer vacations makes a greater consumption of fruits and vegetables. Finally almost the 6% of the respondents explain that in this time they increase the amount of dishes prepared in their usual diet.

There are also those who prefer to spend the summer to exercise to stay in shape. 55.45% of the respondents affirm that they dedicate part of their summer vacations to practicing as running, go for a walk, swim and various sports in the water. On the other hand, more than half of the participants also reveal that they prefer to recover the form when they finish their vacations, for this they affirm that they will resort to a healthy diet and where they do not consume processed foods.

Rules to follow

Do not wait until the end of summer. In this era you also have to take care of the food. For that, it is enough to follow some basic guidelines in this process:

- Maintain a varied diet and adapt food to the activity that is carried out. Take care of the amounts that are consumed

- The size of the portions should seek to satisfy the appetite, do not pay attention to the eyes but to the stomach at lunchtime

- Monitor the consumption of foods rich in saturated fats, salt and added sugars.

- Know how to distribute food throughout the day. Especially during summer nights, which cause families to participate in prolonged meals that result in heavy digestions.

- The best drink is water, not soft drinks or other products with excessive levels of sugar.

- Sedentary lifestyle, prohibited. The heat invites you to stay on the sofa under the air conditioning. But you have to move, take advantage of the lower temperature hours and activate the body.

Damián Montero

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