Oral hygiene on holidays, how not to forget the teeth in summer

It's over, the course came to an end and the holidays arrived. Without neglecting responsibilities, children deserve a rest in which to relax and enjoy everything they can. But as we said, without forgetting certain obligations. The summer leisure should not leave aside such important customs as for example the oral hygiene.

With the disruption of schedules and leisure activity, such as visiting camps, the oral hygiene of children can be reduced. Therefore, it is important to remind children of the importance of taking care of their teeth and do not forget about this responsibility even in summer.

Beware of knocks on teeth

The Germán Zarandieta, doctor-odontologist, explains that during the summer the increase of pathologies of traumatic origin is significant. That is to say, the dental problems caused by blows to the teeth as a consequence of the greater sport activity of the children "The good weather makes us encourage ourselves more frequently to perform some outdoor sport: going to the pool, to the beach, leave with the bicycle, etc. For this reason, there is a very significant increase in injuries, especially in children, "says this specialist.

Although you can not deny other problems derived from aspects such as changing the diet. During the summer increases the consumption of sugary drinks and other harmful foods, along with food intake between hours that is not accompanied by the corresponding cleaning of the teeth. "Often, this intake between hours is not accompanied by proper oral cleansing later.Caries are not a pathology of immediate appearance, so it must influence education, especially in the smallest, to prevent in the future This lack of care causes an increase in its appearance or a worsening of periodontal pathologies, "says Zarandieta.

Typical dental problems of summer

Zarandieta also remembers that there are other typical problems of the summer, like for example the intake of cold drinks and ice cream. Both products generate a greater dental sensitivity in the smallest, also in the second product also eats a large amount of sugar that can generate decay in the teeth of the smallest of the house.

The heat is also an enemy of the teeth in the summer as a result of the lack of hydration in the smallest. "This can lead to an increase in density salivate, which causes the loss of part of its lubricating properties. This is an added problem especially in elderly people because their body has more difficulties to maintain a correct hydrosaline balance, "explains this specialist.

Tips to take care of your teeth on vacation

Along with the recommendations usual to maintain a denture in perfect condition, this specialist makes another proposal of advice so that in the summer the teeth are not affected by this problem:

- Regular intake of water or drinks without sugar to maintain hydration.

- Presence of drinks with sodium in sports activity to maintain the correct hydrosaline balance.

- Take care of the children's diet, avoid being bitten between meals and if it is done, Remember the importance of brushing your teeth.

- Extreme care in sports activities. Be careful with the jumps in the pools and bicycle routes. Always use protective measures and keep in mind that safety must be a companion of activities.

- Do not mess with sugar. Ice cream is good for everyone, but summer diet should remember its high sugar content.

Damián Montero

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