Couvade syndrome, can a man feel symptoms of pregnancy?

The pregnancy It is a process that affects the whole family, although not in the same way to all the members. For example, the mother is the one who is feeling the physical symptoms of having a life growing inside: nausea, back problems, sleep disturbance, etc. However, it is possible that men also experience these manifestations of pregnancy.

Couvade syndrome is the process by which a man develops the same symptoms as a pregnant, especially in first-time parents. In these cases, man is able to experience physiological changes similar to those of his partner. A real situation, as shown by the study published in Medical Science Monitor and where it is made clear that the origin is not in the psyche of men.

Alteration of hormones

This study analyzed several cases of men in their wife's first pregnancy. After the completion of pregnancy, it was noted that at least the 72% of the participants experienced at least one symptom of this process. The results revealed that Couvade syndrome can cause changes in the testosterone levels of the future father, as well as high levels of prolactin, a hormone that stimulates milk production.

These symptoms start in the first trimester of pregnancy and conclude with childbirth. Among the most frequent manifestations of Couvade syndrome are nausea, vomiting, mood swings, appearance of cravings, repulsion to certain smells and foods, weight gain or loss, fatigue, diarrhea and intestinal problems, stomach upsets, flatulence, low blood pressure. . In some cases cramps in the legs and abdominal pains similar to the contractions of the pregnant woman have been noticed.

Why is it produced?

No clear cause of Couvade syndrome has been detected. It usually appears more often in pairs more loving and, in most cases, these men are then very involved in caring for their children. These are some other physiological and psychological explanations that would give rise to this situation:

- Hormonal changes. Alterations in the woman's body hormones could cause a reaction in the couple causing their levels of testosterone descend

- Result of the relationship with his own father. Those men who described the relationship with their father as distant, very distant or absent had a greater number of symptoms.

- Jealousy. This hypothesis suggests that the subconscious of man, without realizing it could feel jealous of the baby or the pregnant woman, to monopolize all the protagonism.

- Anxiety about his new role as a father.

- Desire to become more involved in pregnancy and in the education of their children.

- Secondary effect of stress and all changes in diet and lifestyle: this cause would actually explain any of the possible manifestations of Couvade syndrome; this is the controversy between doctors and psychologists.

Damián Montero

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