The hammock can be responsible for your back pain

When the holidays arrive and we are willing to rest, rarely we blame the hammock when our back hurts. And although it costs us to believe, sometimes, this wonderful beach chair is responsible for the Back pain Do not rest on vacation.

But the hammock is not the only culprit of back pain, the positions we adopt when we are lying down are not always the most appropriate. However, other causes that can exacerbate back pain during vacations are the practice of new sports, changes in bed and food, long trips without mobility, carrying suitcases or sunbathing in harmful positions are some of the most common .

On holidays, beware of bad postures

According to WHO data, back pain affects almost 20% of the world's population and it is important to know what can bother our holidays because of uncomfortable pains during the desired vacation.

The most frequent causes of Back pain during the holidays they are the result of bad posture, a tear or bad practice of an activity to which we are not accustomed.

3 tips to take care of your back, even if we're on vacation

1. Choose a rigid hammock better than a cloth hammock. In the latter you sink and overload the lower back. In addition, it is advisable to find good support for the head and neck. Properly supporting the head can relieve pain or cervical curvature.

2. Correct your posture when you lie down or sit down. Poor postures may end up pinching some nerve, causing dizziness, headaches, sciatica, or herniated discs. In addition, it is advisable not to spend a lot of time on your stomach to avoid overloading the lumbar lordosis.

3. Avoid lying on wet or warm fabrics. If you bathe and lie down in the hammock or in the sand keep in mind that you should avoid towels or sand are very hot because it increases the inflammation of your body if you have osteoarthritis, or very wet because it worsens protrusions or herniated discs .

Remember that caring for the spine is synonymous with health, both physical and emotional. To fully enjoy the benefits of the beach, raise the leg area to promote venous circulation, and take the sea baths, to improve varicose veins.

We all believe that summer, away from the office and computer screens will be synonymous with health, but if you do not take care of yourself, you may be able to return worse than you left.

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