The new means of displacement, efficient and ecological

In the XXI century, there is a growing consensus about the need and the possibility of directing the efforts of research and innovation towards the achievement of technologies that favor sustainable development.

These efforts are aimed at finding new sources of energy, increasing the efficiency in obtaining food, going through the prevention of diseases and catastrophes, the achievement of responsible and voluntary maternity and paternity or the reduction and treatment of waste. , with the design of a reduced impact transport.

This requires overcoming the search for particular short-term benefits that have often characterized techno-scientific development, as well as the simplistic idea that the solutions to the problems facing humanity today depend, above all, on more advanced technologies. , forgetting that the options and dilemmas are fundamentally ethical.

The need creates the option and, in this sense, the need for cleaner cities and less polluting, economic and accessible transport come together to create electric bicycles for those who think about a redefinition of transportation, that is comfortable, fun and respectful with the environment, which can also make the practice of physical exercise compatible with the convenience of the electronic impulse when it is convenient.

The electric bicycles offered in this online store and referred to in the previous link, contain batteries of 400 to 500 W with a range that can be between four and five hours. These are the so-called highspeeds e-bike, as the common are those whose power is less than 250 W.

Basically, it is a bike that has an electric motor coupled to it. This engine can be integrated in the rear wheel, front or near the bottom bracket. The engine helps the bicycle advance and receives energy from a battery that is recharged in the electrical network. As an essential element in its constitution, the engine must stop when it stops giving to the pedals.

A tool for the whole family

Electric bicycles are fast, silent, ecological, healthy and efficient vehicles and, above all, very fun. With an electric bike you will never be too lazy to move, because you can climb big slopes with minimal effort. In addition, no type of driving license or insurance is necessary.

The fun, moreover, is not exclusive to the person who assembles it, since there are numerous accessories for all family members, even the youngest ones, to enjoy.

For them there are the fabulous, comfortable and safe trailers for children or the chairs for babies. In addition you can also choose to buy one or two-seater bicycles so that the experience of riding a bicycle with an electric motor is shared with your partner, with your child or with some friendship, and the fun is multiplied by two, guaranteed.

These trailers for children can go with cover, which is quite advisable since they provide greater security to its occupants, especially when compared with children's chairs for bicycles.

In the hypothetical case of having an accident with the bicycle, the children will remain safe inside the trailer, since the latter is hooked to the bicycle through a rotating joint. In addition, the roof of trailers for children can be closed, thus protecting children from bad weather or insect bites.

And is that the trailers for children are usually equipped with shock absorbers and seat belts, in addition to having enough space for the legs and reach a greater comfort and mobility of children.

Accessories for all tastes

Since it is a tool that for many will be the means of transport used to go to work or school, it is important that you can have a wide assortment of accessories that make the bike a useful in the broadest sense of the word.

For convenience, many are the ones who choose the chairs to transport the baby and take him for a walk. These bicycle carriers must be especially strong to withstand the weight of the child and be well anchored to the rear of the bicycle, to withstand wear and tear due to continuous use, the vibrations of the bike when traveling on different terrains and the movements of the baby. The frames are usually anatomical, with a soft padding to add comfort and carefully finished and studied to avoid any small edge that may hurt the child.

From the mentioned trolleys and baby seats, to take them to the nursery, to baskets, saddlebags, even portaperros and, of course, very useful displays to adjust them to the front of the bicycles to be informed of the kilometers traveled and the speeds reached.

Everything necessary and imaginable can be acquired to complete the utility of the electric bicycle and accommodate it to the uses that you want to give it.

It can be assumed that the preparation of an electric bicycle, with all its accessories, could be excessively expensive, but this is not entirely true, since you can find a more than decent e-bike for just over € 1,000 and provide basic accessories for not more than one hundred euros.

The use of the electric bicycle has only advantages and since several governments around the world are promoting its use. If you choose an electric bike as a regular means of transport, the return on investment can be very short. Make calculations and I'm sure you'll be surprised: saving fuel and saving time, avoiding traffic jams or using alternative routes, will give you the test. And if you use it as a leisure vehicle, profitability translates into enhancing your physical shape without suffering. Look where you look, is a successful investment in which you will always win.

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